8 Times During Wedding Planning You'll Totally Want to Elope

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When You'll Want to Elope

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Ah, wedding planning. Like your relationship, it'll drive you absolutely bonkers one minute and have you jumping for joy the next. It's during those crazy-making moments though that you'll want to throw in the towel and just elope. Brides, tell us you haven't been here before...

1. When you're making the guest list and all of a sudden realize that no matter what number you've settled on, big or small, you're still going to have to narrow that sucker down and hurt some feelings. Your parents want to invite the world and old friends have already come out of the woodwork exclaiming how excited they are for your big day.

2. When you're creating the seating chart and your head seriously starts to hurt because there's so much family drama and people that can't sit next to each other that you're not sure how you'll ever figure this puzzle out.

3. When you get engaged and eagerly contact various wedding venues and vendors to get price quotes come to find out that the dream wedding you've planned on Pinterest will basically put you, your parents and his parents into debt and then some. Eloping and saving all that dough for a down payment on a house is starting to look better and better, y'all!

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4. When your mother-in-law emails you her guest list, and it's a mile long after you've repeatedly told her you're having a pretty small wedding. "But I can't not invite so-and-so because she invited me to her daughter-in-law's wedding three years ago and that would just be rude." Not our problem, lady.

5. When your mom insists on having a traditional wedding at the church you grew up in and wants to passively aggressively control every other aspect of the day under the guise that's she's only trying to help. Who's wedding is this again? Watch it ma, or we'll elope!

6. When you get a big promotion at work and you're all like, "Hellz yeah!" Then the pressure of planning this grand wedding on top of your new job responsibilities becomes completely overwhelming. Work/life balance is hard enough, but work/life/wedding balance is enough to drive any engaged girl crazy. Am I right!?

7. When you're PMSing and your groom is utterly useless and you can't coordinate a time for all of your bridesmaids to get together and go dress shopping and it feels like everything else in the world isn't going your way right now. Needless to say, an elopement sounds great.

8. When one of your vendors backs out last minute and another is taking forever to get back to you on that question you had. To heck with the caterer and the DJ!

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