9 Signs You've Chosen the Right Maid of Honor

Signs You've Chosen the Right MOH

Photo: Hayley Bray

Finding the perfect fiancé is only half the battle in hosting the perfect wedding, and choosing a maid of honor who's up to the task of simplifying your life in the wedding planning process is the other part of the equation. With a supportive and sympathetic maid of honor by your side, even the most stressful wedding emergencies can be fixed with ease. Simply put, your maid of honor has one of the most important roles in the wedding entourage. Selecting the right friend for the important role may seem daunting, but these key signs signify that you've chosen the best person for the task.

1. She resolves wedding snafus before they escalate (without being asked).
A maid of honor who flies to your aid before you even realize there's a problem is a true friend indeed.

2. She's a calming presence to you and your bridal party.
Drama may be intriguing to watch on the Real Housewives of New York City, but it has no place in a wedding. The best MOH provides a calming presence in lieu of drama.

3. She's there for you for better or for worse.
Your vows to your fiancé are also applicable to your relationship with the maid of honor. A truly talented MOH will be just as happy talking you through a catering hiccup as she is planning a boozy bachelorette bash.

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4. She's a source of positivity — and never complains.
Taking on the responsibilities of a bride-to-be is stressful enough without the added strain of a negative or pessimistic MOH.

5. She understands your taste and preferences without having to ask.
Aside from the random questions about your thoughts on hors d'oeuvre for the bridal shower or exotic dancers for the bachelorette party, your MOH should understand your aesthetic — and your fundamental dislikes — without interrogating you.

6. She handles wayward vendors, guests, and members of the bridal party like a pro.
A drunken uncle or feuding family members are no match for a hands-on MOH.

7. She steps out of the spotlight to let you shine.
Any good MOH knows that the bride deserves to be center stage on her wedding day.

8. Her toast is anything but generic — and really captures you and your fiancé as a couple.
Anecdotes about bad first dates and embarrassing college days are all fair game as long as your MOH's speech highlights the love you share with your fiancé.

9. At the end of the day, she's your BFF, crisis manager, and fairy godmother all rolled into one.
When you can share a laugh with you MOH, count on her for a hug during particularly hard times, and know she will fix any wedding conundrum that arises, you've chosen the right partner in crime for your bridal party.

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