11 Signs It's Time To Break Up With A Wedding Vendor

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When to Fire Wedding Vendor

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The key to hosting a beautiful wedding is hiring a team of vendors whose work you admire and trust. However, not every wedding vendor you appoint will be a match made in heaven. In such unfortunate cases, it's the responsibility of the bride and groom to determine if the relationship with their vendor is worth maintaining — or if a breakup is the best thing to do. If your vendor's behavior has you on high alert, keep an eye out for these signs that it's time to pull the plug.

1. Your vendor refuses to listen to your suggestions — and instead chooses to honor their own preferences.
As the artistic director of her own wedding, a bride deserves to voice her recommendations with the full support of her vendors. If your chosen merchant patently refuses to indulge your creative vision, it may be time to give them the boot.

2. Your vendor is rude to your guests.
Civility is a common courtesy every couple should expect from each of their vendors.

3. Your vendor is rude to you.
Unless a bout of bridezilla behavior has prompted an atypically impolite response from your vendor, disparaging remarks shouldn't sully your nuptial bliss.

4. Your vendor stands you up for appointments.
Just as truancy is just cause for a breakup with your fiancé, an absentee vendor is cause for concern.

5. Your vendor is MIA when you need them most.
Working with planners, florists, caterers and other experts should provide you with a sense of reassurance when unexpected emergencies occur, from a sudden storm threatening your al fresco ceremony to unexpected food allergies reported by your guests. A top notch vendor will be invaluable in times of crisis instead of disappearing when the going gets tough.

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6. Your vendor dresses as if they're off the clock.
A certain amount of leniency should apply to your vendors' wardrobes, but attire that consistently suggests a trip to the beach or after-hours club-hopping might suggest a greater issue with your vendors' commitment to the job.

7. Your vendor allows you to do all the heavy lifting.
A bride hires vendors to secure their expertise in a particular area of knowledge. If your vendors isn't being helpful in their own field, perhaps it's time to seek out a new source.

8. Your vendor is constantly attending to personal matters on your time.
Family emergencies and health crises aside, personal matters should be placed on hold when your vendor is attending to your wedding. If they're more concerned with maintaining their Instagram profile than assisting you in planning a perfect wedding, you may need to schedule a meeting to discuss their priorities.

9. Your vendor prefers to utilize a verbal contract in lieu of a binding written legal document.
Eschewing a formal contract simply allows your vendor to escape any sort of legal ramifications for nuptial snafus, from providing you with subpar service to simply leaving you sans service on the big day. It's a necessity, and don't let them tell you otherwise.

10. Your vendor confuses you with other clients and offers no apology.
A certain amount of error is to be expected when working with any vendor; after all, particularly popular vendors are likely juggling multiple clients at any given time. However, if you're six months into your wedding plans and your baker confuses you with a different couple each time you meet, the uncertainty may signify a greater level of disorganization.

11. Your vendor possesses a handful of incredibly negative reviews on Yelp, Foursquare, or Trip Advisor and offers no explanation as to what transpired.
If your vendor has received a significant number of nasty reviews for the services from previous clients and refuses to provide a logical explanation, it's time to head for the hills.

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