The Lazy Girl's Guide to Working Out Before the Wedding

Pre-Wedding Workouts You'll Love

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Not everyone is super psyched to start their bridal bootcamp before the big day. And while you may think it's impossible, there are ways to start loving exercise. Turn your workout hate into love and get fit for your wedding with these genious tips from celebrity trainers Justin Gelband and Lacey Stone. Even the most exercise-averse of brides will learn to like their workouts and keep the momentum going for their wedding with this expert advice.

Moderation: Build a Strong Foundation
"It's imperative that you take things slowly when approaching your exercise routine and find a sport or activity that you yourself enjoy doing," Gelband says. Stone agrees that slow and steady wins the race; adding, "If people jump in they tend to get overwhelmed, burn out and gain it all back."

Motivation: Psych Yourself Up
"All women want to look their best for their special day," Gelband says. When you start to lose steam, visualize success. "The more a woman believes she can achieve her goal and objective psychologically, the better off she will be," he says. Gelband's go-to mantra for clients: "Be the best that you can be with the body you have been given."

Start With a Workout You Love and Add Music
Yes, that Beyoncé dance class you love counts as exercise. Stone recommends the exercise-adverse start their workout journey with an activity they enjoy and blast some tunes to make it feel like fun.

Be Kind to Yourself
"That little voice in your head can be very powerful: Make it positive," Stone says. Ditch the negative self-talk for affirmations of awesome.

Set Goals and Rebound Quickly
Decide what success means to you. "A great body without happiness isn't worth it: Happy First," Stone says. Set monthly goals and check in with yourself daily. "Learn to forgive your mistakes in an instant so you can get back on track to awesome," she adds.

Realize That Anything Worth Having Takes Effort
Stop looking for shortcuts because there is no secret trick. "When you can stop looking for the 'magic easy workout' and start eating right and being consistent; your life and body will change," Stone says.

Mix It Up
When you start to feel like you're in exercise auto-pilot, switch up your routine. "I have my clients constantly doing new stuff so they are always wondering what's next," Stone says.

Clean Up Your Plate
Eating right gives you an 85 percent advantage, according to Gelband. His favorite tips: avoid sugar and try not to eat after 8PM. Stone suggests limiting carbohydrates to breakfast, eating salads for lunch and choosing a broth-based seafood and vegetable soup for dinner for weight loss. Also, ditch alcohol and soda.

Don't Let the Fear of Failure Stop You
"Many women hate to workout because they feel insecure that they may not reach the goals that they set out to accomplish," Gelband says.

Build a Support System
"Only surround yourself with people who believe your goals and dreams are possible," Stone says. Gelband suggests enlisting friends and family to team up and motivate you.

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