How to Know You Said Yes to the Right Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses

For some, finding their wedding dress is love at first sight, and for others, it's a whole lot of trying on duds to finally find the one. But no matter how long it takes to find the gown of your dreams or how many places you have to go, you know you've made the right decision when everything on the below list rings true to you.

You can't stop Googling images of it.
Or staring at photos of yourself trying it on at the salon (um, guilty as charged!). You get giddy all over again like you just saw it for the first time. It's simply too perfect, and it's definitely the one.

It's all you can do not to show everyone.
It's that good! You wanted to keep your wedding dress a surprise, but you're practically bursting at the seams to show all your girlfriends how amazing it is. Okay, so maybe you've already shown a handful of them...that's cool, right?

Strangers are literally oohing and ahhing over you.
If you're at your dress fitting and random people stop what they're doing to compliment you and your gorgeous gown, you know you've totally nailed it. Go ahead and give yourself a high five.

It feels like you belong on the red carpet every time you put it on.
On your wedding day you should absolutely feel like a celebrity. After all, you are the star of the show! Any dress that instantly ups your confidence and makes you look, and most importantly feel, like a million bucks is a big winner in our eyes.

You can't help but think how hot your hubby-to-be is going to think you are.
Of course, you didn't choose the dress with only him in mind; you're just that sure of yourself in your own choice that you know there's no way he won't be into it. Imagining his reaction makes you smile from the inside out.

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You're understandably annoyed at the thought of not being able to wear it again.
So you've already started to dream up potential scenarios in your head where rocking a wedding dress would make complete sense. Perhaps you can incorporate it into a future Halloween costume. That's not weird, is it?

You love your body in it (and that's no easy feat).
In fact, you're pretty confident you could give the girl modeling it a run for her money. Your curves look that killer.

No other wedding dress even comes close in comparison.
When you're browsing Pinterest and checking out real weddings online, you're all like, "Yeah, that dress is pretty and all, but mine is way better, ha!" Not to rub it in or anything...

It's actually within your budget.
Fist pump, happy dance, heck yes! If you can afford it, love it and never want to take it off (um, like ever), well then, you've definitely met your match.

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