5 Last Minute Wedding-Day Curveballs and How to Handle Them Like a Boss

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You've planned everything to perfection, so we hate to be the ones to say this but there will probably be at least one wrench in your wedding day plans. That's not to say it will be catastrophic, but we just don't want you to be that bride who breaks a nail and bursts into tears. Here, common wedding-day curveballs and how to dodge them.

1. Can my so-and-so come to the reception?
Requests to add last-minute guests are inevitable. Your aunt calls three days before the wedding and asks if her son can bring his college girlfriend "because they've been dating forever and will probably get married anyways." Before you start drilling into her the fact that you submitted the final head count a week ago, and when you invited her single, 19-year-old son without a guest, it was intentional because you actually want a 'small' wedding of under 200, take a breath. Save your energy and politely say no. A simple "I'm sorry, but we're all set with the guest list and we're looking forward to seeing your family at the wedding" will suffice.

2. The timeline is thrown.
You spent hours orchestrating the day-of timeline to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. And when the groomsmen teased you about the emailed itineraries, you brushed off their laughter, because you're confident no one will be blowing up your phone with texts asking when and where they are supposed to be. But then the impossible happens: Something does not go as planned. Whether it's the bridal party bus getting mixed up with the transportation for guests (and taking the iced champagne with it) or something as unavoidable as traffic in the city that makes you horribly late for your own cocktail reception, try not to sweat it. Everyone is looking to you to set the mood, so if you're smiling and keeping it cool, they will be too. Having an epic meltdown is a total buzz kill.

3. Someone drinks too much.
Someone is probably going to be overserved. It is a wedding, after all. The best thing you can do is make sure that someone is not you. It's going to be a long day, so consider swapping early mimosas for a light breakfast and encourage your groom to do the same. Trust us, your stomach is going to be flip flopping when it comes time to walk down the aisle, and keeping it a little empty won't be the worst idea. Plus, there's really nothing worse than drunk groomsmen escorting guests to their seats, so put together a basket of your hubby's favorite bourbon and mini mouthwashes. After everyone is in their places, the boys can have a quick celebratory toast to calm their nerves and no one will be the wiser.

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4. Your "look" is ruined.
This might actually bring you to tears and we totally sympathize. When your grandma embraces you in a big hug and pulls out part of your perfectly styled chignon or your husband is so excited running behind you into the reception that he unknowingly tramples and tears the train of your $10,000 custom gown, it might push you over the edge. And while anyone who's been in that situation would empathize, you will regret making a dramatic scene. Grab a few bridesmaids and head for the nearest restroom. One can man the door to give you some privacy while the other lets you have a mini meltdown before handing you a glass of champagne and fresh coat of lip gloss.

5. You receive a surprise sentimental gift that you're supposed to wear at the wedding.
This is a tough call. When your grandma presents you with a generations-old cross that looks like something a priest would have dangling around his neck, no one is suggesting you wear it. But when your mom proudly gives you a Cathedral veil with a hand-stitched, Chantilly lace trim she was convinced you wanted but couldn't afford (truthfully, you didn't have the heart to tell her you wanted to look more modern), now you're faced with a tough decision. No one is going to judge you either way, but if we're talking about something that matches your gown anyways, being a little flexible in this moment might be worth creating and sharing a beautiful memory.

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