4 Productivity Tips for Tackling Your Wedding To-Do List in Less Time

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Wedding Planning Productivity Tips

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Decisions, decisions! Like it or not, wedding planning is chock full of them. And unless you're fully prepared to handle the onslaught of extra work, you could crack under the pressure and wind up stressing yourself out as opposed to having fun. But fear not, because with these four productivity tips you'll be tackling your wedding to-do list in no time.

1. Decision make for an hour then take a break or do something unrelated
When you're in the midst of wedding planning, the decisions just keep on coming at you. Every choice though, be it a big or small one, relies on a brain resource that fatigues easily, notes productivity expert Josh Davis, Ph.D., author of Two Awesome Hours. After making decisions for an hour straight, he says it becomes increasingly harder to do things like make more decisions or control your emotions. "The work that might have taken you 15 minutes before could take you a lot longer now or feel impossible, which is overwhelming."

2. Work out prior to making tough decisions
Catch yourself constantly procrastinating and getting stuck on the tough stuff, like narrowing down the wedding guest list? "Research has shown that a moderate workout (i.e. 20 minutes on the treadmill) is a highly reliable way to reduce anxiety for the hours that follow," informs Davis. So before you give your second cousin the boot or tell your bestie she can't bring a plus-one, sneak in some exercise and you'll be able to navigate those decisions faster and with relatively fewer nerves.

3. Pick the most important task to tackle (note: this will require some pre-planning!)
It's easy to get lost in the world of wedding to-do lists and feel at the end of the day like you didn't get to the stuff that truly matters, points out Davis. "Once you get going on a task, like tweaking the website, you switch over to autopilot, which can be a huge time suck if you've selected the wrong task to begin with." To figure out what's top priority, Davis recommends considering whether the wedding or reception could happen without it. "You may spend a few extra minutes determining what to tackle, but you'll ultimately save yourself hours by working on something that was actually important." In the morning, once you've been interrupted and after you've completed a task, don't get back to work until you've had a chance to think about what takes precedence.

4. Eat smaller meals more often
If you have no other option but to binge plan for a few days straight (hey, it happens!), then you'll want to avoid burnout and irritability by eating more often. "One thing you can do to make your energy last longer is to take your meal and simply cut it in half," advises Davis. Eat half now and half two hours later. "This will keep you clearheaded and focused better than eating the full meal at once and then waiting four hours for the next meal," he says. Dehydration can also lead to mood swings so if you haven't had any water for a couple hours, grab a glass and drink up.

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