6 Ways to Stay Present on Your Wedding Day

Mindfulness Tips for Your Wedding Day

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Being present at your wedding doesn't simply mean showing up, saying, "I do" and making small talk with your guests for the rest of the evening. It means turning your phone off and soaking in every single moment, focusing on the spectacular now instead of worrying about the future. Easy enough, right? Wrong! Today, modern brides are so used to doing a million different things at once and staying plugged into technology 24/7 that truly enjoying the present is a chore in itself. Follow these expert-approved mindfulness tips, though, and you'll be well on your way to an unforgettable wedding day that not even your kooky mother-in-law can ruin!

1. Dress comfortably
Because when you're not comfortable that's all you can think about, seriously! You want to choose a wedding dress that doesn't constrict your breathing or movement, says Certified Change Management Professional Barbara Dershowitz. "Break in your wedding shoes prior to your walk down the aisle, and be sure to wear the right undergarments that make you feel supported, fresh and beautiful," she advises.

2. Do a complete digital disconnect
It's so easy to get wrapped up in fielding questions and congratulations via phone during your getting ready time especially. This is why Phoenix, Arizona-based wedding planner Chandra Keel, owner of Chandra Keel Events, recommends asking your maid of honor to take on this duty for you. After all, "There's nothing worse than having vague memories of your wedding day aside from all the phone calls and texts you received."

3. Focus on all five senses
It'll help bring you back to center, according to love coach and photographer Heather Allison. Try to notice what's happening immediately around you. "What does the air feel like on your skin? What does the bouquet in your hand smell like? What color are the flowers, and can you trace the outline of the petals with your eyes and simply let your attention linger there?" Just being in the moment without thoughts racing through your mind and savoring the light, the color and the details of what's happening right now will take you out of your head and into your body, where presence and calm exist, she says.

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4. Designate a trusty wing woman
Not that kind of wing woman, but more like a bodyguard, someone you trust to run interference and separate you from negative people and situations, notes Dershowitz. "This could be your wedding planner, a member of your bridal party, or a family member." Most importantly, it should be someone you can rely on.

5. Breathe with intention
Your wedding day is filled with chattering bridesmaids, nervous mothers and all your hopes, joys and fears, points out wellness speaker and life coach Dr. Lesly Devereaux. A great mindfulness technique she likes to employ involves taking deep, long intentional breathes while concentrating on your breathing or a word or mantra that you repeat silently. "Allow your thoughts to enter and exit without judgment."

6. Dance like there's no tomorrow
Agree in advance that you and your spouse are going to laugh at everything together, no matter what happens during the day, and dance your hearts out until the end of the night, instructs Dershowitz. "Only very few other things are as simultaneously freeing, centering, and transcendent as uninhibited dance with the one you love."

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