Goodbye, Boo-Boo: 25 Spousal Nicknames That Have Got to Go


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Perhaps you gave your now-husband his new nickname as a term of endearment to show you were just too close, too in love, to go by your given names any longer. Or maybe your moniker sparks from an epic story in which you earned the term from a fantastic feat or super sexy bedroom move. There's a chance you adopted your nicknames post-marriage, when you felt the newest phase of your relationship deserved special name recognition. Or frustration could have sparked a name change, such as the time you called him "Klutz" when he broke the last of your wedding registry fine china.

Whenever the timing, whatever the motive, giving one another nicknames is something every single couple does. But not all nicknames are created equal. As one reader says, "My married best friend makes me want to barf every time I hear her refer to her husband as 'Wein,' short for Weiner. Like, what?" In the name of not making your single friends sick, here are 25 nicknames that should never be said in public — or perhaps at all!

1. Schnookums
2. Pooky Bear
3. Cutie Patootie
4. Booger
5. Princess
6. Sweet Cheeks
7. Sexy Pants
8. Sugar Lips
9. Sugar Pie
10. Honey Bun
11. Angel
12. Flower
13. Snowflake
14. Stud Muffin
15. Bunny
16. Boo-Boo
17. Nugget
18. Snuggle Bear
19. Hot Lips
20. Romeo
21. Prince Charming
22. Mr. Big
23. Big Daddy
24. Hot Stuff
25. Pooh Bear

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