The Mother of the Bride: 6 Ways to Be Awesome

Mother of the Bride

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Want to make sure you're a rockstar MOB? Follow these simple tips to being the best mother of the bride of all time.

1. Never think of it as your wedding.
Most likely you were a bride once; now it's your daughter's turn. Even if you're helping with the planning, don't take over; let her choose what suits her tastes, not yours. And never refer to the day as "our wedding." Because it's not.

2. Don't wait for the bride and groom to ask if you're making a financial contribution.
The money talk is an uncomfortable conversation that no one wants to have. Make things easier by bringing it up first. Be specific about the amount you're offering (is it a loan or a gift?) and when the money will be available.

3. If your daughter asks you to wear a purple dress, wear a purple dress.
Basically you should do whatever she requests, assuming it's reasonable and legal. You despise how you look in purple? See if there's wiggle room, like wearing another jewel tone (emerald, sapphire). Your aim: to be cooperative and congenial.

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4. Ask the groom's mom to lunch, even if you would rather starve than share a meal with the woman.
Sure, there are stuffy rules about who's supposed to contact who first after your kids get engaged, but who cares? Be a champ and make the first move. If your children have a (hopefully) long and happy life together, you'll be sharing more than just meals together in the future (grandchildren!). Why not try to get along starting now?

5. Go easy on the Chardonnay.
Raising a glass is one thing but drinking the better part of a bottle and taking over the dance floor in a drunken stupor? That's a YouTube video just begging to go viral!

6. Act like an adult.
Besides not getting sloshed, you should stay calm and not whine when things don't go your way. You should be ready to solve any last-minute problems so the bride doesn't have to. Support her, which includes offering a shoulder to cry on when wedding-planning stress becomes too much.

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