7 Things Every Bride Wishes Her Groom Would Say During Wedding Planning

Things You Wish Grooms Would Say About Wedding Planning

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Grooms, can be...err, how should we put this...difficult (to say the least) during the planning process. It's not that they're completely disinterested in the wedding itself, it's just that certain design details are way over their head and they couldn't care less what type of flowers go in the centerpieces or what style of table linens are used as long as they look good. Still though, when you're having one of those days where you simply want to throw in the towel and scream out in frustration, hearing one of the below comments from your groom would make it all worth it.

1. "Honey, let me take that off your hands for you."
Whether it's coordinating a bunch of fun activities for the honeymoon or making a playlist for the DJ, wouldn't it be nice if your guy automatically jumped right in and offered to help? Unfortunately, most of the time, they have no clue what planning an actual wedding entails so don't be afraid to speak up and delegate!

2. "Baby, what do you think of this first-dance song? I made a list of few I thought you'd like too."
Any groom who takes some initiative without being asked to is a total winner in our book! Um, can we say major brownie points, boo?

3. "I'd love to go to [insert wedding planning activity/meeting here] with you."
Brides like to bond with their guys and want to feel that he's just as interested in the planning process and committed to the wedding as they are. So when he doesn't make up a million excuses or grumble something under his breath about having to go to that vendor meeting with you, it's like, the greatest thing ever!

4. "You should consider a career in wedding planning, babe. You're so good at this!"
Keep the compliments coming, honey! At least if he's not going to be the biggest helper throughout this entire process, he can boost your ego and make you feel like all your hard work wasn't for nothing. Okay, let's be honest, it's really all about the ego here, but a little unsolicited appreciation now and then would be nice too.

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5. "Hey, want to write our own vow? I already got started on mine." Again, the initiative is key here! It tells brides that you not only care about making the wedding unique, but you also want it to be special and meaningful.

6. "Of course I'd like to see the first draft of our wedding invitations!"
Wait, he's actually interested and/or excited in seeing the wedding invitation design process? Oh boy [bride jumps for joy and fist pumps in the air]. Now, only if this was real life...

7. "Can you send me that wedding Pinterest board you made? I'd love to check it out."
At this point, you've put so much time, effort and energy into creating your dream wedding on Pinterest that your guy simply asking to take a peek at the amazingness you've fashioned on there would be a dream come true. Ah, one can fantasize, right?

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