5 Signs You Need a Break from Wedding Planning

Break from Wedding Planning

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As much as we wish it were a walk in the park, anything you're planning for a year plus is bound to stress you out at one point or another. Wedding planning certainly isn't easy; we won't lie. However, it shouldn't feel like a full-time second job you hate going to either. If any or all of the below five signs apply to you, it's to time to take a break, brides!

1. You haven't seen your friends in weeks
Or alternatively, you're spending every single Saturday dragging your bridesmaids around town doing wedding planning things. Not only are you likely driving everyone else insane, you're headed straight for burnout city and totally upheaved any sort of healthy work/life balance you had prior to getting engaged. Make fun plans with your hubby-to-be and girlfriends, and vow to not talk about the wedding for an entire weekend or heck, even two! We dare you.

2. You're irritable and moody all the time
Wedding planning is supposed to be fun, right? Of course, there are some aspects that aren't all that exciting, like reviewing contracts and trying to narrow down the guest list. But if you've noticed that the process is bringing out the worst in you (i.e. you're snapping at your fiancé more often and the tiniest little things seem to set you off), it's time to take a step back and do something to de-stress. Whether that's making it a priority to hit the gym every morning or dabbling in mindfulness meditation, find what works for you so you can get back to being your normal, chipper self.

3. You've seriously started to consider eloping
Unless you were going back and forth between eloping or having a huge wedding from the very start, this is a major red flag that you need a break. If you're feeling overwhelmed, why not delegate some responsibilities to your bridesmaids and/or mom? Fill your fiancé in, and we bet he'll be willing to lend a helping hand too.

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4. Your to-do list is a mile long
And procrastination has become your best friend. Sound familiar? While it may seem counterproductive, if you're putting off all the wedding planning tasks you have to do because there's so much on your plate already and you have no clue where to start, just take a break to rejuvenate and get back on the grind next week. On Sunday evening, you can break up your list into easy to tackle to-dos for each day of the week. Or consider hiring a wedding planner to come to your rescue if your budget will allow for it.

5. You're having nightmares
When the wedding stress begins to creep into your dreams on a regular basis (i.e. one night you woke up sweating because the band didn't show and a few days later you dreamt that a bridesmaid had gone rogue), it's safe to say you're in over your head. Get away for the weekend with your guy if you can (perhaps a staycation?) to remind yourself why you're having this wedding in the first place. Remember: everything doesn't have to be perfect!

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