Sponsored: 5 Ways to Tell You've Found the Perfect Diamond

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Forevermark Finding the Perfect Diamond

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A truly flawless diamond will take your breath away. But it takes more than a visceral, emotional reaction to find a stunning gem. We've partnered with Forevermark to give you five sure ways to purchase the perfect diamond for you.

1. Look beyond the 4Cs
To choose a truly beautiful diamond, great attention and parameters are required. Forevermark looks far beyond the 4Cs, meticulously assessing each diamond to ensure it meets their elevated standards. However, to standardize descriptions of every diamonds' characteristics, a language known as the 4Cs was developed: cut, carat, color, and clarity. Each C describes a diamond's trait. For example, its cut affects the diamond's brilliance and luster (shape, on the other hand, refers to the shape of the gem like round, princess, square, emerald, and cushion). When it comes to color, the highest quality diamonds have the least amount, classified from a D (colorless) all the way to Z, which has a light yellow tint. The higher the diamond's grade across each classification, the more rare (and expensive) it is. Forevermark goes a step further by hand-selecting diamonds for other traits including inherent beauty, polish, and durability to ensure the diamond is of the highest quality. Just one percent of the world's diamonds are beautiful enough to receive the Forevermark inscription.

2. Buy from a reputable retailer
Shop for your diamond at a jeweler with a reputation for high-quality products and an educated staff with people who are very familiar with diamonds. Authorized Forevermark Jewelers have gone through a rigorous selection process in order to ensure their service and diamond knowledge are as impressive as their jewelry selection. In any location you choose, you should be able to inspect the diamond under magnified, well-lit conditions, and if it is Forevermark, to view your diamond's unique inscription number.

3. Get it in writing
For diamonds of a half carat or more, Authorized Forevermark Jewelers include a Forevermark Diamond Grading Report produced by expert gemologists at the Forevermark Diamond Institute. The report features the unique identification number inscribed on the table of the diamond and an accurate blueprint of the cut, color, clarity and carat of each diamond. Forevermark diamonds' grading reports also confirm the diamond is natural and untreated, two additional qualities of truly flawless diamonds.

4. Purchase a responsibly sourced diamond
Sure, you can purchase any diamond, but if knowing where your diamond came from — and that it gave back to the communities along its journey — is important to you, then only a responsibly sourced diamond will be flawless to you. Find a jeweler with a great reputation, and ask the sales associate about how they select their diamonds. Forevermark diamonds are conflict free, untreated and completely natural, and are tracked and monitored at every stage of their journey. Also, all Forevermark partners must adhere to the Forevermark Integrity requirements, and Forevermark diamonds are sourced from mines that not only comply with strict political, financial, social and environmental requirements, but also benefit the communities in which they are operating.

5. Select a setting that makes your diamond shine
Find a setting that allows your diamond to look its best. Select a metal that complements your skin tone and shows off the diamond's natural color. Invest in a loose diamond you love and then find the setting to show it off, or visit a store with a variety of complete rings so you can slip each on to see which one really speaks to you. Then choose a coordinating wedding band to complete the flawless look.

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