5 Secrets Wives Keep from Their Husbands

Secrets Wives Keep from Husbands

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You may think you tell your husband everything. But just as your husband keeps a few secrets to himself, there are likely things you hide from him. Here, an expert identifies five common secrets wives keep from their husbands.

Unhappiness over her sex life
Rather than battle a sex rut with words, a wife "may keep this a secret for fear of hurting her husband's feelings or causing him to lose confidence," says Sari Cooper, certified sex therapist and licensed couple's therapist. "She may avoid sexual contact more frequently instead of saying what is actually bothering her." (A word of advice: Speak up about this — you should be able to talk open and honestly with your spouse about sex!)

Her shopping habits
A wife's shoe budget is nothing to sneer at — and to keep her husband from stamping it out, she may keep what she spends to herself. "If a woman is a compulsive shopper, she may find ways to hide the receipts or take out her own card to wrack up debt," Cooper adds.

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What her family really thinks of him
Whether her siblings can't stand her husband's sense of humor or her parents think his table manners leave much to be desired, a wife is likely to keep their comments to herself. "She may keep that information from him in order to protect his feelings and to prevent strife when visiting her family over the holidays," Cooper says.

Her friend's marriage secrets
When a friend fights with her spouse, her friends get all the details — and they're expected to keep them to themselves, says Cooper. "A wife would keep her friend's problem a secret from her own husband for fear the secret would be revealed to her friend's husband," she explains, "especially if the two couples are close friends."

When the kids get in trouble at school
Call it a mother's protective instinct, but wives often keep the details of their child's detention to themselves. "She may feel that her husband will not have the same outlook as she does and worse, she may fear he'll blame the child," Cooper says. "For example, if a child has done poorly on tests, a wife may fear her husband will think his daughter is lazy while the mom suspects the daughter may have a learning disability. She may take the child for a diagnostic evaluation and get her the help she needs, and then present the information."

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