10 Signs a Summer Wedding Isn't Right For You

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A summer wedding may sound like a dream come true — and it often is — but for some brides-to-be, the cons could potentially outweigh the pros. From pesky bugs to bad allergies to the likelihood of rain, you'll want to take these 10 factors into consideration before nailing down your summer wedding date.

1. You hate bugs
Unfortunately, when summer rolls around, the bugs come out in full force. So if you absolutely hate creepy crawlers or have your heart set on a rustic venue (particularly in the Caribbean, Mexico and other exotic locales), Stefanie Cove, managing partner at Yifat Oren & Associates, says a summer wedding probably isn't the best idea for you.

2. Mosquitos love you
The only bites you and your fiancé should be getting on your big day are love bites, right? "If you're the one in the group with sweet blood who ends up covered in welts after a stroll in the grass, chances are you're not going to be happy getting married in mosquito season, nor are your guests," warns Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner.

3. You can't take the heat
According to Greg Jenkins, founder of Bravo Productions, brides that burn easily, are really sensitive to the sun or simply feel grumpy and can't be outside when the weather heats up, should think twice about having a summer wedding, especially if it's outdoors.

4. You sweat a lot
The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be covered in sweat (um, so not hot)! As Samuels points out, if your groom always wears a t-shirt underneath his shirt to keep from noticing that the outer one is wet from sweat, it's likely he won't want to get married during the summer either. And hey, who can blame him?

5. You get dehydrated easily
The hotter it is, the more water you must drink in order to stay hydrated and not faint. "For some people this is a challenge, and for brides with perfectly-painted lips in a wedding gown, this presents an even bigger challenge," notes Samuels. "If you're not down with stopping to rehydrate every hour, consider a cooler season for your nuptials."

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6. You've always dreamt of a sunset ceremony
Some people love when the days are long, but for the vampire types, a summer wedding could mean too much sunlight, cautions Samuels. "If you dreamed of a sunset ceremony, you might need to start fairly late in the day to accomplish this, taking your reception well into the night before it's over."

7. You want to stand out
Summer weddings are a dime a dozen, as it seems like there's one happening practically every other weekend! If you're the type who likes to feel special (and don't we all?!), Natasha Burton and Jennifer Arreguin, co-founders of Santa Barbara-based event planning company Swoon California, recommend having a fall or winter wedding. "Your guests will be excited for your nuptials, not fatigued by their social calendars."

8. You have bad allergies
"In the summer, pollen, certain insects, air pollution and dry grass can wreck havoc on your body if you have sensitivities," explain Burton and Arreguin. Obviously, a runny nose and itchy eyes on your big day is not a great look.

9. Budget is a concern
Be prepared to pay extra for a summer wedding! Because it's peak season for nuptials, cost may be a concern for some couples, warns Jenkins. On the other hand, if you get hitched (indoors or out) during the summertime in a really hot and humid climate, you could score a huge discount.

10. You're worried about rain
As a wedding planner who works mostly in Florida and the Caribbean, Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events, knows a thing or two about rain and summer weddings. "In our area, it's not at all unusual to get a short afternoon rainstorm at the exact time of your ceremony," she says. "If you aren't comfortable with an indoor ceremony or a high probability that your planner will need to execute your backup rain plan, you shouldn't say, 'I do' in the summer."

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