4 Men Talk About How It Feels to Make Less Money Than Their Wives

Men Who Make Less Money Than Their Wives

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Women are closing the pay gap (finally!), and more men than ever are finding they're no longer bringing home the bacon. Admits one recently married man, "It's a strange — but awesome! — feeling to know my wife is the breadwinner." But how, exactly, does earning more money than your husband affect his pride? We turned to a few guys to find out just how it feels to make less than your wife.

"It bothered me more when we were just dating," says one man. "When we kept separate accounts, she constantly offered to pay for things and that did bruise my ego a bit. I wanted to take care of her. But now that our checking accounts are merged, it's not something I regularly think about. I just grab the bill and try not to worry how much of the money came from my checks."

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"It's an odd feeling, because on the one hand, I am so very proud of and happy for my wife," says another man. "She worked very hard to get to where she is in her field. But on the other hand, I feel a little less manly in a head-of-household sense. It's an old and outdated stereotype, but it's still ingrained in me that I should be the provider."

"I think of it this way: Jobs, careers, money, they're all fluid. Yes, she makes more than me now. But I could make more than her next year, or I could lose my job tomorrow and she would be in the position of supporting our family by herself for the foreseeable future," says another man.

"I could honestly care less," says one man. "I get that couples argue about money — and I can see why a guy might feel less-than if his wife makes more — but seriously, there are more important things to worry about in a marriage. We choose to focus on those things."

Do you make more money than your spouse? How does it (if at all) affect your marriage? Sound off on Facebook.

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