Banish Wedding-Day Bloat with These 5 Fast Fixes

How to Fix Bloat on Your Wedding Day

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Whether you've been sweating for the wedding for six days or six months, nothing kills your confidence quite like a bloated belly on your big day (no pun intended). You worked your tail off to look your best in that wedding dress, after all! Fortunately, with the right products on hand and a little advanced planning, you can flatten that pooch just in time to say "I do." Phew!

1. Drink Some Green Tea
When in doubt, grab a cup of green tea and drink up! Seriously though. In addition to a slew of other health benefits, green tea is a natural diuretic that not only helps boost your metabolic rate but alleviates bloat too, says Ashley Smith, a San Francisco based destination wedding planner and founder of BuzzWorthy Events. "It's loaded with nutrients and antioxidants and soothes your digestive track. Plus, the caffeine boost is perfect for a full wedding day."

2. Eat a Banana
A banana on your wedding day keeps the bloat away! If you've gone a little too overboard on the salty snacks and you're feeling super bloated, your sodium-potassium ratio could be off, notes Smith. Eating a banana or other citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits, high in potassium will balance you out and shrink that tummy.

3. Hydrate Yourself
We know what you're thinking...there's no way you're going to guzzle a bunch of water when your belly is already full of fluid. Trust us though; it works. As Smith points out, increasing your water intake actually helps flush out your system and deflate that pooch. "Yes, you'll have to use the restroom more so make sure you're in a place where you can do so and your bridesmaids are on hand to assist you." Oh, and remember to stay away from carbonated beverages and starches that will puff you right up!

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4. Bring on the Bacteria
Before you say, "OMG, ew!" just listen for a sec, brides. According to registered dietitian Desiree Nielsen, author and creator of Banish the Bloat 21 Day Program, taking a high-potency probiotic (AKA good bacteria), such as Bio-K+, a few days leading up to a big event can help regulate intestinal flora, in turn, reducing gas and bloating. So yeah, you should probably do it.

5. Chew On Fennel Seeds
Did you know that fennel seeds are a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for gas and bloating? They work wonders too! Nielsen recommends buying a fresh bag and chewing a 1/8 a teaspoon of seeds after each meal (you can also drink a quality fennel tea). "Note that if you have IBS, fennel can make symptoms worse," she warns. "In that case, stick to peppermint or ginger as an alternative."

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