The Craziest Ways Couples Met (You Have to Read It to Believe It!)

Ways Couples Met

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"So, how did you meet?" It's the one question everyone's dying to know about your relationship. The most common answer, of course, is through mutual friends, but don't you just love it when someone blows you away with a love story so crazy you swear a romantic comedy could be based on it? We sure do! That's why we took it upon ourselves to seek out those, "OMG, can't even believe that's true!" stories, which we've compiled here solely for your reading pleasure (okay, and ours too). Enjoy.

The Death Threat Turned Romance
"I met my now fiancé at a surprise birthday party after threatening to kill him multiple times when I thought he was talking crap about my brother to my cousin. Apparently he just thought my brother looked like someone from TV so I calmed down and offered to text him a photo. I figured it'd be a one-time text deal and I'd never hear from him again, but a week later we hung out and went on our first 'not a date' date. We're getting married this November." — Lauren

A Train Going Anywhere
"We met in first grade and went throughout school together. We also had a bunch of mutual friends growing up, however, we didn't start dating until we reconnected on the train almost 20 years later. It had been more than six years since I'd last seen him. Funnily enough, we were both still living in our hometown and commuting to NYC for work." — Sara

Party Down South Meets Southern Charm
"My fiancé Stephen and I met at a country music festival five years ago watching a very drunk man get tased by police while the guy's girlfriend threw a fit surrounded by a bunch of really intoxicated concert goers. Our wedding date is now a few months away, and yes, we still enjoy country music concerts!" — Meredith

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Blind Date at a Funeral
"I met my now husband on a blind date, but that's not the crazy part! The crazy part is that an acquaintance at my office in NYC, someone I barely knew, ran into his parents at a funeral and asked them if he was dating anyone, and if not, whether he might be interested in meeting me. When she told me she'd given my number out at a funeral to a nice couple that had a good-looking son, I was mortified. Long story short, my husband called me a few days later to set a date. He was so busy so scheduling anything with him was impossible. Four months later we realized he had the wrong cell phone number for me; I was playing hard to get without even knowing it. I guess it worked because we were married 10 months later!" — Maria

From Brother and Sister to Husband and Wife
"We met on the set of a movie filming in my hometown! I was cast to play his sister in the film, and the first time I saw him I joked that we must have good-looking parents. We eventually dated and married, and our book of engagement photos says, "From Brother and Sister to Husband and Wife" on the front. It sounds terrible, but we get a kick out of telling the story when people ask how we met." — Hilary

A Chance Meeting on a Plane
"I was traveling solo to Las Vegas for a friend's wedding and ended up sitting by a woman who was returning home after visiting her son in Albuquerque, where I lived at the time. We chatted the whole time and got along really well. She asked me if I would be interested in meeting her daughter-in-law, who had just moved to Albuquerqueand didn't have an established friend base yet. I said sure and gave her my phone number. A few weeks went by with no word. I did, however, hear from my future husband. He called and said, 'This is going to sound crazy, but you met my buddy's mom on an airplane a few weeks ago, and she thought I should take you out on a date.' Turns out, she was right." — Kelly

"I first noticed my husband on the subway to work. He offered to carry a baby carriage up the stairs for a mom who couldn't handle it on her own. I knew then that he was one of the good ones. Each day thereafter I would look for him. One day I realized we both got off at the same stop, walked into the same building and took the same elevator. He worked just two floors above me! We started dating and the rest is history still in the making." — Tara

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