10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Groom Right Before the Wedding

Things Not To Say To Groom

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Amidst the wedding-dress fittings, caterer tastings, and venue selections, it can be simple to forget the anxiety of saying "I do" to your groom. However, the long moments before you walk down the aisle are filled with the type of contemplation that can send even low-maintenance brides running to their grooms. Mutual support may be a significant part of marriage, but inundating the groom with all of your varied concerns just before the band begins playing Wagner's Bridal March is not the best way to begin your marriage. Read on for 10 confessions and questions to skip relating to your groom before the wedding.

1. "Are you as terrified as I am about spending the rest of our lives as a couple?"
Mass hysteria may most commonly describe political mayhem, but your nerves are contagious.

2. "I can't marry someone whose parents hate me!"
The time to sort out a sensitive situation with your in-laws is months before your wedding — not moments before.

3. "Why are we doing this again?"
Overtly asking for reassurance may send a high-strung groom into an interrogation of his own, so direct all questions to your maid of honor or mom instead.

4. "Is it too late to elope?"
The answer is yes.

5. "I drank way too much at my bachelorette party and my maid of honor brought in a stripper! I thought you should know before we tie the knot."
Bachelorette parties are meant to be celebratory affairs. No one expects perfection from the bride during a night of drunken revelry, least of all your groom, so save the raucous tale for your tenth anniversary.

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6. "Tell me why you love me again?"
Your groom's vows will be the ultimate affirmation of his love for you, so allow him the chance to speak for himself.

7. "What if we end up like those divorced couples who can't stand each other?"
Avoid the "D Word" at all costs before tying the knot.

8. "You go on ahead, just tell the officiant I need a minute...or 20."
No good can come of indefinitely delaying your vows, or so the romantic comedy gospel tells us.

9. "Did you do anything you'd like to tell me about during the bachelor party""
Just as your own bachelorette party stories are off-limits before the ceremony, so too are your groom's bachelor party exploits. Trust that the man you've agreed to marry has your best interests at heart.

10. "I guess we're headed into ball and chain territory! Ready for the eternal commitment, hubby?"
A snarky joke is often a grain of truth in disguise, so leave the ball-and-chain jokes to your relatives and simply embrace the life you'll share with your hubby.

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