How Rude! All of the Nosy Questions You Might Be Asked Once You Get Engaged

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From the moment you get engaged, you'll field what feels like a million questions — some that will make you shake your head and wonder why anyone would ever think that was appropriate to ask. Here are six nosy questions you should be prepared for, and how they'll likely make you feel.

1. How big is your ring?
Whether they angle for the size for your rock or flat-out ask how much it cost, these Nosy Nellies are trying to put a price tag on your guy's love. Don't indulge them — the best response is a vague-but-content, "it's the perfect size for me!"

2. How much are you paying for the wedding?
You don't have to go line-by-line through your budget with anyone but your new fiancé — or maybe even your parents, if they've offered to lend a financial hand. And speaking of which, you may also hear this ...

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3. How much are your parents giving you for the wedding?
A jealous sibling or friend-without-boundaries may not realize how personal — and inappropriate! — this question is. Just as you keep your own money matters to yourself, you should be able to keep Mom and Dad's on the DL, too!

4. Are you inviting [insert ex boyfriend, co-worker, or frenemy]?
Hadn't thought of that yet? Well, thanks to this meddlesome question, it might be all you think about until you mail that invite or have to explain to your boss why she didn't make the guest list.

5. When are you planning to start a family?
Some people took the elementary school rhyme, "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage," way too literally. It's OK if you don't have an answer now — or even in a year!

6. Are you taking his name?
Despite what people think, whether you take your man's last name is a deeply personal decision, one you may not be able to make as soon as you slip on the ring!

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