5 Rules for Drinking at a Wedding

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You Deserve a Drink Mamrie Hart Drinking Tips

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Comedian and YouTube sensation Mamrie Hart knows a thing or two about drinking. The former bartender and host of a weekly mixology video, You Deserve a Drink, has offered her tasty cocktail recipes and a side of hilarious drinking stories for years, and now she's compiled a funny-yet-informative series of recipes and anecdotes in a book with the same title.

Alcohol and weddings go hand in hand, but making sure you and your guests are drinking reasonably and responsibly is an important part of planning your big day. From the in's and out's of creating the perfect signature cocktail to how to recover from a booze-filled rehearsal dinner, here are five tips for imbibing on the wedding day.

Watch for these telltale signs that it's time to stop drinking.
Whether it's in yourself or in another party-goer, if you've danced with more than one grandparent of the bride or groom, the bartender already knows your drink of choice, or you've requested a song that makes the entire crowd cringe, it's time to put down the booze and pick up a glass of water.

Shots can go either way: good or bad.
On one hand, shots at a wedding can be a blast. There's nothing more celebratory than group lifting up tiny glasses, drinking them, and collectively making a 'that tasted awful' face. But make sure you know your limits. If you're feeling resentful or know that certain liquors bring out a not so friendly side in you, skip the shot.

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You don't have to splurge for top shelf liquor.
You shouldn't be serving swill or anything that comes in a plastic bottle, but you definitely don't have to drop a fortune on liquor. Spend your money on the things that will last past the morning and remember that variety trumps top shelf — if someone doesn't like the scotch you're serving, they have the option to switch to one of the three beers you've selected.

Include these three components in your signature cocktail.
Write it down: Clear liquor, unique ingredient, and a pun. Since vodka is the most-favored liquor across the board it's a good choice for your signature drink. Then, pick a fresh herb or fruit that is complimentary to your menu. There's nothing worse than sitting down to a Greek-inspired dinner and drinking the couple's signature sake bomb. As for the pun, a silly name goes a long way. It's a lot more fun to hear your guests making a toast with your new last name than a generic "Signature Cocktail."

Remember these hangover tips if you drank too much at the rehearsal dinner.
There's nothing worse than squeezing into your bridesmaids dress after a night of heavy drinking. Make sure to get yourself properly hydrated, meaning, get to the point where you think you drank enough water and then drink some more. Skip the hashbrowns and hamburger in favor of something lighter that won't make you bloat — you're already compounding that from a night of heavy drinking.

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