9 Things You Should Never Say to a Bride with Cold Feet

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The prospect of a lifelong commitment is enough to give even the steadiest brides pre-wedding jitters, especially moments before her vows. However, what you say to soothe a frazzled friend just before her walk down the aisle can mean the difference between a seamless ceremony and a runaway bride. The key to curing a case of cold feet is giving the bride encouragement and remind her of the joy she can expect from finally marrying her fiancé. Keep snide jokes to a minimum, refrain from mentioning other sources of stress, and by all means, avoid slipping these nine comments into a conversation with an uneasy bride.

1. “It's only the rest of your life!”
Five minutes before the wedding is no time to joke about a lifetime commitment unless you want a panicked and livid bride on your hands. Steer clear of ball-and-chain jokes and simply give the bride your reassurance.

2. “If you want to leave now, we'll support you.”
Save the dramatics for truly dire situations. Most brides with cold feet simply have a case of stage fright, and presenting an exit strategy is both confusing and reckless.

3. “Just try not to think about how many people are out there waiting for you and you'll be fine!”
Even the most confident brides may find the prospect of walking down the aisle before 200 people terrifying, so try not to add another fear to her list.

4. “If I were you, I'd be quaking in my Manolo Blahnik's, too!”
Commiseration is acceptable over a martini after work, but bolstering the bride's fears by validating them is not the best course of action

5. “Don't let your wedding go to waste — think of the expense!”
Pre-wedding jitters are often a mixture of excitement and apprehension, not guilt over the celebration's cost.

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6. “A few shots of tequila will help calm you down!”
Be a true friend and keep your friend from taking a tipsy trip down the aisle. A cup of chamomile tea or fruit-infused water are equally comforting, minus the negative side effects of one-too-many shots.

7. “Do you really want to be single all over again?”
Leave the tough love and ultimatums for another time; no bride wishes to be threatened on the day of her wedding, even if it is a kind-hearted attempt to make her see reason.

8. “Oh, calm down. You're always such a drama queen.”
When tensions are high, the last thing you should do is to criticize the bride — especially if the criticism is calling her a bridezilla.

9. “Thank god you finally see what I do! You're making the wrong choice.”
No matter how you feel about your friend's fiancé, the time has passed for you to politely voice your concerns. The only thing a bride needs moments before her wedding is your support and love.

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