How to Keep Your Relationship Hot

How to Keep Romance Alive in Marriage

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Fact: Every woman craves a little romance. "Romance makes a woman feel worthy of her relationship," explains relationship expert April Masini. And a romantic gesture doesn't just make butterflies take flight in our stomachs. Getting romanced "can actually build self esteem, as well as bond a woman to her husband," she says.

If you're wanting a little extra lovin', you can get it and its relationship-boosting benefits with a few simple tips — even if you've got the kind of guy who's not a natural romantic.

"Men can make their women feel great about themselves, their husbands and the marriage, simply by creating romantic gestures," Masini says. "But if they don't — because it's not their inclination, or they're distracted, or simply don't feel that romance is important — there are things that women can do to nurture the mood."

Compliment him.
"Tell him he's really good at something, he's really sexy when he does a particular thing, or he looks totally hot in a particular outfit," suggests Masini. "'You are so good at this,' is a line that any wife can use on her husband — whether it's because he fixed a broken chair or performed a particular sex act — and make him want to be romantic and offer romantic gestures to her in return."

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Sexify your sleeping space.
"Your bedroom is ground zero for your relationship — whether it's sex, pillow talk or simply unwinding together," Masini explains. "Splurge on a small refrigerator for a few bottles of wine, bottled water or whatever you like to drink, and create a hotel atmosphere where you can unwind together in the one room that is just for the two of you." And don't underestimate the romantic power of well-placed candles and a bedside bouquet of fresh flowers.

Play some mood music.
"Music changes your feelings — so use it to change the mood of your home," suggests Masini. "Know what music will make the two of you feel good, and get your playlists in order. It's no longer super expensive to wire your home for mood music, so spend some energy making sure that if you want music in your home, you have it to transition from busy parent, to romantic partner or overwhelmed business executive to sexy siren."

Clear the clutter.
"When you see it, you think of all the organizing you have to do, or you feel defeated because you're too tired to deal with it," Masini says. "Spend some time getting clutter out of your home so you can free your mind — and his! — to think about romance and your relationship, not your 'to do' list."

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