4 People Who Can (and Probably Will) Hijack Your Wedding

Planning Tips

Forget about the weather ruining your wedding; there's a whole host of other suspects who may blindside you on your big day. Don't get freaked out, though — most of these hijackers are actually rather innocent themselves.

1. Crazy-Dancing Toddlers
A cute tike stealing the spotlight is one of the most entertaining things that can happen at your reception. He or she loves it, your guests love it, your photographer loves it... but what happens when it's been more than a few minutes and your guests don't have room to bust a move, too? This is a wedding celebration, after all, not baby's day out...

What to do: Ask your mom or maid of honor to gently ask the maniac munchkin's mom or dad if they'll match his moves so they can get a picture of them all together. Chances are the parents will either keep their kiddo better-contained on the dancefloor or scoop him up for a little rest.

2. Too-Chatty Deejays
If you've accidentally landed a deejay who loves to hear himself pump up the crowd (or rather, try to) or constantly remind your guests that they're at So-and-So Country Club every five minutes, you have a right to be a little annoyed!

What to do: Ask someone else to do your dirty work for you and don't look back. As the bride, you can't risk offending the deejay, who holds the key to some of your biggest moments; but you can have someone else tell the dude that they feel the attention isn't being focused on the bride and groom the way it should be.

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3. Hyper-Controlling Sister-in-Laws
SILs are basically the new MILs, but more dangerous because of their all-access passes that MILs never quite had. From your bridal party to your groom to your videographer, a future sister-in-law can find a way to "want to help" so smoothly that it makes your head spin. And if you object to her Pinterest-inspired, totally-wrong "extra wedding favors," you look like a bridezilla to her family.

What to do: Some people will say to assign her a project so she puts all her attention into that. But if that doesn't stop a relentless future SIL, our best suggestion is to limit how much information you give her. Go a little cold if you have to. She can't object or modify something she doesn't know anything about.

4. The Too-Confident Best Man
He has the rings, his tux, and even an extra undershirt in case your groom sweats through his. But what he didn't do? Prepare a toast. He didn't prepare something because, actually, he considers himself a phenomenal public speaker. If you have limited dancing time at your reception, try to imagine how you'd feel if 20 precious minutes were taken up by your best man yammering on and on. Not cool.

What to do: Grin and bear it like the class act you are. And then check in with the deejay to see if he can still make sure your favorite dancing songs can still get played before time runs out.

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