5 Nonchalant Comments That Can Offend a Bride

Nonchalant Comments That Can Be Hurtful To Brides

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It's no secret that women are emotional creatures, and the process of planning a wedding can make us even more sensitive to certain subjects. For instance, an offhand comment about wedding diets may strike in nerve in one bride, whereas another may totally brush it off her shoulders but then get butt hurt by a bridesmaid's lack of dress enthusiasm. To play it safe and avoid any awkwardness, we suggest not letting these comments slip out of your mouth.

1. "You're so young!"
While we admit that this type of comment is typically a good thing (all women want to look more youthful, right?), the last thing a bride-to-be wants to hear when you find out how old she is, is how young she is, in fact. Why? Well because then her mind automatically fills in the blanks and she assumes you think she's too young to be getting married (even if you really don't).

2. "Looks nice."
Never say "nice" to a bride via text message without a ton of exclamation points afterward. Seriously! Whether she's sending you rough drafts of her save the dates or showing you multiple pics of her venue, she's just excited and needs someone to share in that excitement with her right now. So be a good friend, and ooze positivity. The bride will be so grateful.

3. "OMG, your dress reminds me so much of [insert name here's] dress."
Thanks, but no thanks. Unless you butter the bride up with a bunch of compliments first, don't let this be the first comment that pops out of your mouth as soon as you see her dress. Comparing the gown to a celebrity's, or even worse, a close friend's dress, could make her second-guess her choice and start to feel insecure about it.

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4. "You have to come to the gym with me!"
For a bride that's already self-conscious about her weight or isn't completely comfortable in her own skin yet, enthusiastically demanding that she come to the gym with you could genuinely hurt her feelings. Instead, suggest fun activities, like a weekend hike with your pups or a hip-hop dance class you've been dying to try, that's fitness-focused too.

5. "Wow, must have cost a fortune." or "Wow, you must have gotten a great deal."
Whether it's the bride's venue you're referring to, her wedding dress or invitations, comments on money are always pretty touchy and can cause a bit of awkwardness. Focus on other aspects of whatever she's telling you, such as how gorgeous the ceremony location looks. Now, if she's specifically playing up the fact that she got a great discount on whatever, then that's another story.

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