Real Brides Reveal How Wedding Planning Will Change You

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When you're planning something as life altering as a wedding it's bound to change you in big or small ways, for better or worse. Whether it's your outlook on marriage, your physical figure or your growing desire to make a home and a family, expect to gain some insight, not only about yourself but your fiancé and your relationship, too. Here's what real brides have to say about the changes they dealt with during wedding planning.

"I'm not really a girly-girl at all so it's a huge change for me to all of sudden be thinking about dresses, accessories and hair and makeup, which I don't even own minus what I've purchased for the wedding. To be honest, I'm ready for things to be back to normal."— Carina

"Wedding planning definitely helped me sharpen my negotiation skills! My fiancé, who is a lot better at that than me, offered me some great pointers on how to get what I want and make it work for our budget. I was able to trade my skills for discounts off otherwise out-of-budget things/services." — Elisabeth

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"Not a whole lot has changed other than the future talk. My fiancé actually doesn't mind quite as much now when I talk about our future kids."— Kaelyn

"It didn't really change me, but I did find out some things about my fiancé that I never knew, like how skilled he is with a glue gun!" — Stefany

"It taught me how to compromise. My fiancé is very detail-oriented, which really came out during the planning process. He designed the invites himself and must have revised them at least a dozen times, if not more. While it was maddening, we did learn that I've got to help him see the big picture in life, and he's got to help me slow down and see the small stuff."— Tara

"I think it made me stronger, in terms of sticking up for myself and not letting people walk all over me. I've never been that assertive, but thanks to the support of a couple close friends and my fiancé, I was able to speak up and have the wedding I wanted, not the wedding everyone else wanted for me." — Amy

"I'm much more in control of my emotions now than I was before the wedding. There were so many times during planning that I just wanted to cry or throw the towel in or throw a hissy fit (and I did!), but once I realized how much that type of behavior was affecting my relationship with my fiancé and after a serious heart to heart with him, I made a conscious effort to change. Now, whenever I'm heated or upset, I try to take a step back from the situation, breathe and communicate my feelings in a calm way." — Nina

"I lost weight, started exercising regularly and developed a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life. So did my other half, who I honestly couldn't have done it without!" — Jen

"I can't stop thinking about having babies! It's also put a fire under our butts to buy our own place. I feel like a whole new woman." — Whitney

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