What's Going Through Your Guy's Head When He Meets Your Best Friend

The Plunge Meeting The Best Friend

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Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge. For their latest installment, they're giving us the lo-down on meeting the bride-to-be's best friend.

In a lot of ways, the scariest first impression that happens during our relationship with you isn't with you or your parents, but with your best friend. With you and your parents, we're just trying to put our best foot forward and prove we're not total jackasses. But with your best friend, we're trying to do that for a person who already knows all of our best and worst qualities and how good we are at sex. (Come on, we know you tell each other everything.)

Because she already knows everything about us, we're at a major disadvantage. She's more or less already decided if we're worthy of you, and there's not a whole lot we can do to elevate our stature. However, we can certainly make things worse. So from our perspective, the first meeting with your best friend is sort of like March Madness, aka The Big Dance — survive and advance, baby! Here's a few ways it can go down.

Goodnight, Cinderella
A 16-seed has never beaten a #1 and it's unlikely to happen here. Our heart and desire is undeniable, but there's a reason she's earned top billing. The #1 seed is reserved for bluebloods, and she's been by your side since day one. You don't just waltz in and supplant an established presence like that. We don't have a prayer.

The Buzzer Beater
Of course, a 2 over a 15 has happened once or twice! We know we're always going to be the underdog so we don't expect to win. She's earned that respect. But if we can hang in there long enough, hell, we might just have a shot at the last second. At the very least we'll have proven our mettle and she won't sleep on us next year.

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The 12-5 Upset
The 5-seed vs. 12-seed is always a popular upset pick, and this sort of feels like that kind of matchup. She's got the more impressive resume, but we've got the belief. We're equally skilled and if she doesn't respect our game, she'll end up watching while we keep dancing.

The Sweet 16
As in, you were at each other's. We're going to have to fight through an endless stream of inside jokes and ex-boyfriend references to get here, but if we make it this far we'll know we've accomplished something special.

The Final Four
Siblings, parents, your best friend... and us. We've reached the promised land — a coveted spot in your inner circle. Your girl still wants to beat us, but she damn sure respects us.

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