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With all the months, money and time you have spent on planning your wedding, of course you want it to be perfect. But the truth is that it's the unplanned for, crazy moments that you will recall with laughs and love over the next half-century! Here, real brides dish on their biggest big-day disasters.

Laughter Is the Best Reaction
Kim Caldwell's wedding at the Bronx Zoo was a comedy of errors: "Around midnight we were stranded in the zoo parking lot, sitting in a golf cart with no car service to pick us up! All the guests and bridal party had left on a big bus."

Plus, the weather was 95 degrees with 95 percent humidity. Kim laughs, "I was sweating so much it felt like I was peeing down my legs while I was saying my vows! Oh, so romantic." On top of all that, the cake, custom cake toppers and cake stand all went missing.

How did Kim get through all this? "All we could do was laugh." Two years later, she and her husband are still laughing, savoring the memories of their, by anybody's standards, unforgettable day.

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If Kids Are Involved, Be Prepared for Anything
There were three small children in *Amanda's wedding party. "Three tiny, reluctant children," recalls Amanda with a sigh, "One little urchin in particular was so against being part of the ceremony he was screaming! My now-husband, who is also Alex's uncle, carried him down the aisle in what had morphed into a filthy white shirt and cummerbund, snot dripping from his nose."

The other baby members of the wedding party were a tad better behaved. Emphasis on tad. Though neither was clean by the time they had endured an hour of pictures outdoors before the ceremony. Amanda says, "It's funny how uptight I was about the wedding party looking good but then the actual day arrived — little kids start making mud pies before you can stop them, and planning goes out the window." The lesson: "I learned to appreciate the spontaneous moments. That's where the real juice of life is!"

The Most Unimaginable Horror of All!
If it hadn't happened to *Estelle, she wouldn't have believed it possible. At the rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding she gorged on oysters. Alas, the oysters over-stayed their welcome. The next day she had an upset stomach, which she attributed to nerves. If only. During the lengthy ceremony she clamped her hand over her mouth, in the throes of food poisoning from the oysters. Estelle sighs, "The priest quickly wound things up so we could escape back up the aisle before I lost it."

She only made it to the back of the church before upchucking all over her gown. "I was mortified, but it was the highlight of everybody's day. Once I felt better, I laughed too. It was so ridiculous." Guess who has never had oysters again!

*Name has been changed

Sherry Amatenstein is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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