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Photos: Tara Sgroi/Utopia; Finished Crafts: Cathy Crawford; Illustration: Christina Park

Not sure if you're ready to go the DIY-route for your own wedding? Good Morning America correspondent and bride-to-be Sara Haines tries out four at-home big-day projects to see which ones are actually worth tackling.

1. The Cut-Out Table Number
What you'll need: Magnetic acrylic picture frames, gold wrapping paper, stencil kit, pencil, straight-edge ruler, and paper craft scissors or X-Acto knife.
Estimated time: Four minutes per frame.
How to make it:
1. Cut the decorative paper to fit a frame.
2. Place the number stencil on top of paper, and trace it onto the paper.
3. With a ruler and knife, carefully slice out the number.
4. Put the paper with the stencil cutout into a picture frame.
Sara's verdict: "A little tricky, and I doubt I could make them all look great. I think the last time I stenciled was in art class! I do love that you can reuse the frames after the party, though."

2. The Favor Box
What you'll need: Pyramid boxes (try bayleysboxes.com), truffles or other treats, and ribbon.
Estimated time: Three minutes per box.
How to make it:
1. Fold a box along prescored lines, fill it with candy, and close the top to form a pyramid.
2. Thread ribbon through the holes and tie it into a bow. (Silk ribbon looks best, but acrylic ribbon and colored twine are much easier to thread.)
Sara's verdict: "I'd totally DIY these. We're having only 70 guests, so I can see my five bridesmaids, my man of honor, and me getting together to bang these out assembly-line-style."

Sara Haines DIY Project Brides

Photo: Tara Sgroi/Utopia; Finished Crafts: Cathy Crawford; Prop Stylist: Leah Brisby

3. The Stamped Save-the-Date
What you'll need: Colored paper, white adhesive paper, white square cards, custom rubber stamp, ink pads, hot-glue gun, straight-edge ruler, and paper craft scissors or X-Acto knife.
Estimated time: Five minutes per card.
How to make it:
1. Cut colored paper into five-inch squares.
2. Then cut white adhesive paper into four-inch squares.
3. Rotate an adhesive square 45 degrees so it looks like a diamond, and stick it to a colored square.
3. Trim the excess adhesive paper.
4. To get the octagonal shape, measure a half-inch in from each corner of the colored paper and snip off a triangle.
5. Create ombré text by covering the top half of your stamp in green ink and the bottom half in blue.
6. Stamp the white card once, let it dry, then glue it onto the center of the adhesive paper.
Sara's verdict: "There's no way I could make five of these, let alone 35! But maybe someone slightly higher on the crafty scale could. I'd say I'm a five out of 10. I'd give my fiancé, Max, a two or a three just so he shows up to marry me."

4. The Wrapped Candle Holder
What you'll need: Seven-inch votive holders, votive candles, vintage maps, ruler, hot-glue gun, and paper craft scissors or X-Acto knife.
Estimated time: Three minutes per holder.
How to make it:
1. Cut a map into 3.5-inch-wide strips.
2. Place glue dots on the corner of each strip and a few in between, then wrap the paper immediately around each holder. (The glue dries instantly.)
3. Place a candle inside.
Sara's verdict: "This one's pretty easy. I'd definitely do it for my reception, except I'd use antiqued black-and-white maps of our setting: The Bahamas."

For more with Sara, be sure to pick up our December 2014/January 2015 issue on newsstands today or download it here! Plus, follow Sara's wedding-planning journey here!

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