The 5 Most Common Bridal Nightmares

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Most Common Bridal Nightmares

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In the world of wedding planning, the word "dream" is used a lot. There are "dream weddings" and "dream dresses" and the proposal? Well of course, "it was a total dream," right?

But there's another type of dream that gets a little less coverage in the bridal world: nightmares. While they're not often discussed, the truth is the majority of brides-to-be experience a nightmare (or a few) on their way to the aisle. In fact, they're a normal part of a life-changing journey that you're embarking on. If you're still not convinced that your dreams are par for the course, here are five very common bridal nightmares.

There's a problem with your dress.
Whether you lose it, forget it, spill on it, or get a little too, um, rotund to fit into it, dress dreams are a dime a dozen. It's not surprising — your dress is a huge representation of your individuality and sense of self, and also a representation of the control you have in your planning process.

The groom's gone rogue.
Ah, the good 'ol missing groom nightmare. There's a reason there are so many movies centered on missing grooms (and brides): It's a fear that almost everyone can relate to. Making a huge commitment always comes with nerves, no matter how stable your relationship is, so don't sweat the occasional groom dream.

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You're not prepared.
We don't need to tell you this but: there are a lot of details to consider when planning a wedding. It's no shock then that you may experience some anxiety-inducing nightmares centered on catering, flowers, venues and the like. Remind yourself that a small level of anxiety is part of the process, and do your best to unwind with non-wedding related activities before bed.

An ex enters the equation.
It may feel totally wrong to have a dream about your ex just as you're about to get married, but it's actually very normal. As your wedding draws near you are emotionally preparing yourself to leave all of your past relationships behind — for good — and sometimes your subconscious just feels the need to join you on that journey. Helpful little subconscious mind, aren't ya?

You feel invisible.
We've heard many varieties of the invisibility dream — whether the bride's watching her wedding through a window, another bride's walking down the aisle right in front of her, or her guests can't find the bride when she's standing right there! No matter what variety of invisibility you experience this could be a sign that you feel like you're preferences or emotions are not be considered. Make sure you speak up about what you want on your big day and don't let the pressure of others weigh you down too heavily.

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