Do Brides Have the Executive Power to Veto a Groomsman?

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You've found your dream wedding dress. You managed to book the venue you never thought you'd get. You even got the band you and your future husband have been been obsessed with since you started dating. If there's one thing you can't choose, however, it's who your fiancé wants as his groomsmen. Sometimes the man of your dreams has friends you just don't like. Our etiquette expert weighs in on what to do if this sounds like a familiar situation.

Can I veto a groomsmen if I don't like him?
Really think about this one. Why don't you like the guy? Is it because he tends to say inappropriate things that you don't find funny or he still parties like he's in college? You may disagree on this, but asking your future husband to kick out one of his groomsmen just because you don't like him (or his sense of humor) isn't a good enough reason. Your fiancé chose these men to stand by his side because he views them as his closest friends and biggest support system. You have to remember that this is your future husband's special day just as much as it is yours. Besides, you wouldn't want your fiancé choosing your bridesmaids, right?

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Just remember that everyone at your wedding is there to support you and your fiancé; including the groomsman you may not like as much as the others. You're celebrating your marriage and tying the knot with the love of your life. Don't let something — or in this case someone — ruin that.

If it goes beyond little quirks and his friend purposely tries to push all your buttons, talk to your groom about it and ask him if he'd be okay with you confronting his friend. (Or perhaps he'd prefer to chat with his buddy.) After you talk it out with your fiancé, have an honest conversation with the groomsman in question — but don't attack him. Hopefully, you both will be able to set aside all hard feelings for this one day.

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