5 Signs You've Taken Your Wedding Diet Too Far

Signs You've Taken Your Wedding Diet Too Far

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Sweating for the wedding is great if your end goal is to be in tip-top shape and look your personal best for your big day. But when toning up turns into a total obsession and starts to take over your entire life, well, you've got a much bigger problem than a couple of pounds on your hands. Whether you're the bride-to-be or simply a concerned maid of honor, here are some tell-tale signs a wedding diet has gone too far.

1. You never want to eat out anymore
And if you absolutely have to (for instance, at your bridal shower), you come up with every excuse under the sun to either order or eat as little as possible. Red flags Carrington Farms Health and Nutrition Consultant, Deborah Orlick Levy, MS, RD, has observed firsthand include the bride-to-be canceling plans because it interferes with her gym schedule, cutting out certain foods groups, such as carbs, sweets and alcohol, with no wiggle room whatsoever, exhibiting orthorexic behavior (a fixation on food purity and quality), obsessively baking for others but not having any herself, cutting foods into very small pieces and taking an extraordinarily long time to eat something. Basically, if your relationships with others start to suffer because of your rigid behavior an intervention is necessary.

2. You get dizzy easily
One for sure sign a bride is restricting her eating too much, according to registered dietitian Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD, is feeling faint at random times and/or getting dizzy after standing up.

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3. You've noticed weird changes in your hair and skin
Skipping meals, starving yourself and over exercising can actually lead to serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can make brides look worse for wear on their big day, says Orlick Levy. Literally, the opposite of what you're trying to achieve! "Hair can start to fall out and lose its shine, and once enough body fat is lost, a thin peach-fuzz type of hair can begin to grow on the head, arms, back and chest."

4. You can't stop counting calories
While calorie counting is a critical factor in meeting your wedding weight loss goals, there does come a point when it's highly unhealthy. "If you see yourself or a friend constantly studying the calorie value of each food in an obsessive manner, they might be going too far," warns Certified Sports Nutritionist Ashley Lied. "It's true you have to read the labels, however, when you find yourself reading the labels of fruit cups, you should start worrying."

5. You're suddenly sick a lot
Hardly eating and hitting the gym for more than two hours a day? Beware because not only are you harming your body, you're also burning unnecessary fat that could've turned into muscle, notes Lied. "This is going to cause an extremely fast weight loss pattern that will inevitably hurt your immune system," she says. "Your body needs nutrients to survive, you can't just in take the bare minimum and shed it with exercise and not expect to get sick."

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