The 10 Types of Guests You'll Find at Every Wedding

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Whether it's a black-tie affair or a backyard BBQ, every wedding seems to have ten distinct guests. While some are more endearing than others, in totality they make for one, unforgettable affair.

1. The Selfie Snapper
Dance floor selfie, bathroom selfie, ceremony selfie — every setting is a backdrop for this snap-happy (and vaguely narcissistic?) guest.

2. The Group-Dance Starter
Whether it's the Macarena, the electric slide or one aggressive dance circle, this individual knows how to get the masses moving.

3. The Over-Indulger
There is always (at least) one guest that gets a bit too ... hydrated. If it's a young gentleman you can usually find him swaying in close proximity to the bridesmaids.

4. The Couple-Hogger
Yes, a wedding greeting line is the perfect setting for you to tell me about the intricacies of your knee surgery, Aunt Margaret.

5. The Last Minuter
Whether they're concerned about dietary restrictions, plus one requests or flower allergies, this guest doesn't quite grasp the fact that wedding planning is done in advance of the wedding, not the morning of.

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6. The Incorrectly Dressed
Whether it's a white dress, Las Vegas-appropriate neckline, or worse, there is always one in the crowd. We're looking at you, sequined mini skirt.

7. The Aspiring Photographer
You know the guest that's that front and center during the first dance, snapping away from various angles with a look of intensity on their face? Despite the professional photographer across the dance floor, the couple's future wedding album depends on their iPhone snaps, you guys.

8. The Wedding Judge
It is this guest's noble duty to share her opinions on every little detail of your wedding. "I really can't believe they a didn't go with traditional wedding cake." "Did you see those napkin rings? So cliché."

9. The Inappropriate Elder
It was all fun and games until Grandma Ethel started twerking on the groomsmen.

10. The Cute Factor
Whether it's a puppy in a tux, or a toddler twirling on the dance floor, every wedding has its guest that makes you say "aw" all night long.

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