6 Things Every Bride-to-Be Wishes She Could Say Out Loud

Things Every Wants to Say While Wedding Planning

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The last thing any engaged girl wants is to be labeled a bridezilla. Thus, you probably go to extreme lengths to be super sweet, put a smile on your face and bite your tongue when necessary. After all, you've got enough wedding-related stress as it is and you certainly don't need to add to it with more drama. With that said though, here are six things every engaged girl has secretly thought at one point in the planning process or another.

1. "It's my wedding, not yours!"
Overly involved mother-in-laws, super-opinionated bridesmaids and even well meaning family and friends can consciously or subconsciously put a damper on your big day. Don't you just wish you could tell them to butt out already?

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2. "I really love you, but I hate that idea."
Despite the best intentions, there are some people who literally won't stop giving you "great" ideas for your wedding that are well, so not you at all. Grin and bare it and be thankful someone cares enough about you and your engagement to help you brainstorm in the first place (even if it is a little annoying).

3. "OMG, that is so tacky."
Whether it's a gaudy wedding dress your BFF begged you to try on or a picture of a bright pink-themed wedding reception your fiancé's sister just couldn't wait to show you, we guarantee at some point during the whole wedding planning process the thought, "OMG, that is so tacky" will cross your mind. Probably more than once. Okay, probably a lot.

4. "Wait, that's what you're wearing?"
Sure, you have complete control over your bridesmaids' wedding attire, but unfortunately you can't approve of every single guest's outfit before your big day. So even if you're not a huge fan of your mother-in-law's chosen dress, this is one instance where it's probably best just to keep your mouth shut.

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5. "Do we really have to invite [insert name(s) here]?"
There's always that that one guest (or two or ten) you'd rather not invite to your wedding, yet you're pretty much obligated to because a) your fiancé likes them b) they're in his family or c) someone else is footing the wedding bill and you don't really have a choice in the matter.

6. "Thanks, but I don't believe I asked you for your opinion."
Once you get engaged, unsolicited wedding advice literally start rolling in from everywhere and about everything. When to get married. Where to get married. What type of dress to wear. What type of dress not to wear. The color scheme. The pros and cons of writing your own vows. Why hiring a DJ is so much better than a band. And it's like, whoa, five minutes ago you only wanted to know my wedding date and now you're making me feel guilty about booking a band?

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