How to Cure a Post-Wedding Hangover

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Wedding Hangover Cures

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It's your party and you can drink if you want to! But be prepared, because sometimes even the most well-intentioned brides can't avoid overindulging when the champagne keeps flowing all night (hey, no judgment here). From tried-and-true methods to the borderline bizarre, here's how to help ease the pain of a post-wedding hangover so you can get your glow back stat.

1. Pop Some Advil
Advil and other over-the-counter anti-inflammatories can certainly help relieve some of the symptoms associated with a post-wedding hangover, like a splitting headache, for example. Take a couple with a big glass of water as soon as you wake up. You'll be feeling better in no time.

2. Hair of the Dog
While not a cure, there's definitely no denying the fact that a good Bloody Mary with breakfast can put you on the fast track to feeling fine again after a long night of boozing, says Anneliese Place, CEO of the International Nightlife Awards and author of Hair of the Dog: Hangover Remedies That Work. The downside? Once that drink wears off, you might feel even worse than you did before, but hey, it's worth a shot. (No, not literally.)

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3. Sip on Some Lemon Water
Or instead of a cocktail, fill up your cup with some soothing lemon water to help balance blood sugar and correct your body's PH level, suggests Place. "Simply squeeze the juice of half of a fresh lemon into 8 oz. of warm water and enjoy. If it's hard to swallow on this particular morning, stir in a teaspoon or two of raw honey."

4. Create Your Own Eucalyptus Steam Shower
No time or cash to hit the spa? No problem. Bring the spa to you at home or in your hotel room by wetting a washcloth with hot water and placing about 15 to 20 drops of eucalyptus oil (found at any Whole Foods or natural store) on it. Let the washcloth hang in the shower while it runs, and hop in to detox once you begin to smell the eucalyptus.

6. Take a Wasabi or Mustard Bath
We swear it's not as gross as it sounds! According to celebrity health coach Maria Marlowe, "a soak in warm wasabi water or a mustard bath helps stimulates blood circulation and promotes oxygenation of the cells, which speeds up waste removal. Simply add 2 to 4 tbs. mustard powder or wasabi paste/ powder to hot bath water and soak for 15 minutes," she instructs. "Get out of the bath, and wrap yourself up in warm towels for further sweating and detoxification afterward. Be sure to drink plenty of water or coconut water throughout too."

7. Add Baking Soda to Water
One of the worst parts about a wedding hangover is by far an upset tummy, but luckily, there's a cure for that. To help quell the queasy feeling, Marlowe recommends adding about a teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda to a glass of water and drinking it. "The salt will also speed up your rehydration, helping to mitigate a parched mouth, headache and dizziness more quickly."

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