What Really Changes After You Get Married?

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Changes After Getting Married

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You've already been living together for a couple of years and you feel like you truly know each other inside and out. So honestly, what could possibly change after you exchange vows? A lot, surprisingly. Sometimes the changes are to be expected (like a new last name or joint bank account) while others will sneak up on you from out of nowhere. We asked six brave brides to reveal what really happens after you tie the knot.

Your Bank Account
"The biggest thing that comes to mind was combining bank accounts. We still keep separate accounts for personal things like clothes and gifts because, if not, we would probably feel guilty buying things for ourselves. However, we do pay for all our expenses from our joint account now, and it actually makes things a whole lot easier!" — Vanessa, 27

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Your Diet
"My eating habits! I used to just mindlessly graze on food in front of the TV — from the time I got home from work to the time I went to bed — not really eating a balanced meal and alternating salty snacks for sweet. Now that I'm married and actually being observed by another human being, my eating habits have become much more civilized. I'll make a proper plate of food and eat it as a meal at the dining room table with my husband and son. I might have an interesting variety of things on my plate (rice cake pizzas still make occasional cameos), but there's more thought put in to what I'm actually eating and more portion control." — Samantha, 37

The Decisions You Make
"I think the biggest change that happened for me is that I had to learn to be less selfish. The world doesn't actually revolve around me. Shocking, right?" — Heidi, 29

How Other People Perceive You
"I get asked all the time when I'm having a baby, and I just got married in May! I think people also look at me like I'm older and more of a real person now, if that makes sense... like I'm more of an adult now." — Katie, 27

How You See Yourself (And Your Home)
"My now husband and I lived together for six years before getting married in 2014. The number one change, which after that span of time I was surprised there would be any changes, was totally in me. I felt a stronger sense of responsibility for making our home more of a home. I feel like I should ensure it is more of an adult abode as opposed to a 'make it work' kind of space. I've also gone on a recent tear of updating furniture and accent pieces to create a space that is smart and chic as opposed to just a space where we have our stuff." — Lauren, 31

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Your Name
"One of the biggest changes was definitely changing my last name! To my husband's dismay, I still have not made it completely official (it's such a pain to change your name), so I still do things like book airline tickets under my maiden name. For the most part though, I use his last name now which still feels very bizarre to me." — Valerie, 26

Your Desire To Expand Your Family
"The urgency and desire to have a baby together definitely became real after we were married. Fast forward seven months from our wedding date and we are six months pregnant with our first child — and we're thrilled. I have a feeling having a baby will change our relationship more than marriage." — Jenny, 30

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