How to Avoid Losing Your Wedding Ring (and What to Do If it Happens)

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You've probably had the common nightmare that something bad will happen to your wedding ring on your big day. Whether it gets lost or into the wrong hands, the last thing you want is an emergency related to the symbol of everlasting love and marriage. That's why we sourced some etiquette expert-approved solutions to the most common problems that arise with wedding bands!

I don't really trust my ring bearer to not misplace the ring, but he's so excited to be included! What should I do?
Sew a faux ring onto the ring bearer's pillow and ensure him that he's performing the most important task of the ceremony. Just don't make a big deal when you give the real one to the best man for safe keeping!

My maid of honor's dress doesn't have pockets. Where should she hold the ring?
Suggest that she wear the groom's ring on her thumb, which she should keep securely bent around her bouquet. Speaking of pockets, make sure the best man checks his for holes! It's best for him to not slip it onto his finger (especially if it's bigger than yours), as the ring might slip off or get stuck.

But actually, I'm really concerned a ring will get lost or forgotten. What should I do if this happens?
If the worst-case ring scenario occurs, borrow one from a parent or attendant. In a pinch, turn your engagement ring so the stone faces the inside of your hand. Later, your clergy member or officiant can bless the real wedding ring.

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