A Few Pieces of Marriage Advice for Our Favorite Engaged Celebs

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are engaged

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Celebrities are getting engaged left and right with a few planning to tie the knot in just a few months from Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad to Mila Kunis. Though most couples face the same issues when it comes to their first year of marriage no matter what their star status, Hollywood's elite has a whole host of other things to deal — whether it's the paparazzi or news outlets following their every move. To help our favorite notable names who are making the big leap soon, we've rounded up some tips on ways they can make their first year of marriage go off without a hitch.

Keep things fun and the tabloids at bay by making date nights regular occurrences.
The first year of marriage is all about adjustment and settling into your new life together, but there are things from your time as girlfriend and boyfriend that you can bring into newlywed life, including dates. They keep things fresh and also give those gossip mags very little to report on if you're out and about looking happy together.

Your squabbles and moods are private — they have no place on social media.
Airing out your dirty (or lightly soiled) laundry on social media is a huge no-no for normal couples, thus it can be disastrous for celebrities. It feels good to vent and is necessary for you to cleanse your mind and spirit, but make sure you're venting to the right people — your husband, friends, family, or even your therapist. Nothing on Twitter or Instagram ever goes away, so you want to avoid those posts being resurfaced at a later date when things are going well.

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Get on the same page with your families — your inner circle has just multiplied!
Both of your families are now in the limelight as well! Make sure they know to keep mum on personal things that are discussed. During your first month of marriage, you should also discuss how much visibility they are giving to your relationship and how much you are showcasing them on a regular basis — you might decide it's wise to keep your families out of mentions in interviews and off of social media to protect their privacy and everyday lives.

Romance and sex are important and should be at the forefront. Don't be afraid to experiment.
With the busy schedule of a star, romance and sex can definitely fall by the wayside. It's important to keep your relationship spicy and exciting, thus you should figure out ways to keep your love life on fire, whether it be late night sultry Skype sessions or fun role playing in different cities.

Your friends are a part of your extended family, so keep them close and make sure you don't alienate them.
It's easy to get wrapped up in your husband and forget about your friends. You will be spending more time with your family, but shouldn't ignore your extended family which is full of the men and women who supported you long before you were a Mrs. Put monthly nights out on the calendar and make them a priority. Though your life has changed and you are officially a wife, you still need to have your own life separate from your husband.

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