Who Is Your Dream Celebrity Maid of Honor? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

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Everyone has a dream celebrity BFF. Whether it's the immaculate diva Beyoncé, the hilarious brainiac Amy Poehler, the fit and down-to-earth Jennifer Aniston, the quirky-and-lovable Zooey Deschanel, or the all-around amazing Jennifer Lawrence, each of these ladies would make an awesome friend, as well as a pretty major maid of honor. Though which powerhouse would be the right wing woman for you through the wedding planning process and your big day?

We devised a super-scientific quiz to help you figure out your celebrity MOH. While we can't promise they'll actually show up for your wedding (sorry!), the results may offer some inspiration for your celebration. Answer these five questions and find out which star is worthy of standing by your side when you say "I do."

What would be your ideal bachelorette party?
a. Spa day
b. Dive bar with games
c. Retro-themed speakeasy
d. Comedy show
e. Dance club

What's your favorite junk food?
a. Tacos
b. French Fries
c. Cupcakes
d. Waffles
e. Fried chicken

Pick a fantasy honeymoon destination.
a. Mexico
b. Greece
c. Disney World
d. Costa Rica
e. South of France

Who is your dream wedding dress designer?
a. Calvin Klein
b. Christian Dior
c. Marc Jacobs
d. Stella McCartney
e. Your mother!

What is your signature nail polish color?
a. Nude
b. Whatever matches your outfit
c. Any kind of nail art
d. Red
e. Gold

The Results:

If you picked mostly a's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Jennifer Aniston. You live for a good girls' night, but you know how to zen out. Aniston probably played your favorite Friend, but the sleek, in-shape star would be a great real-life pal, too. Though she often wears minimalist clothing, she loves vacationing in colorful Mexico with her girls, and often dines on Mexican food, particularly tacos. With a dream MOH like her, maybe a Mexican destination wedding is for you!

If you picked mostly b's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Jennifer Lawrence. If you love J. Law, join the club. But if you want her to be your maid of honor, you have even more fun in store. The self-deprecating, relatable actress is a no-frills girl who's always down to hang out or go out. A MOH like Lawrence would probably suggest wedding food like pizza and sliders to balance out an otherwise formal affair. If you're planning a black-tie wedding, consider how J. Law would punch it up with unique twists to showcase your lovable personality.

If you picked mostly c's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Zooey Deschanel. Even if you're not adorkable like the New Girl star, you love zany, playful activities. (Think: spontaneous trips to Disney World and girly stuff like dressing up and painting your nails.) As MOH, Deschanel would probably DIY some fantastic wedding favors or help you pick a subtly polka-dotted wedding dress. And why not? Every wedding could use a mod, quirky touch.

If you picked mostly d's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Amy Poehler. When you're not having the time of your life with your friends, you're laughing your head off (or both). It's no wonder you aligned yourself with Poehler — you already love comedy clubs and fun, adventurous activities. Poehler has a bit of a daredevil streak to go along with her wicked sense of humor, so think about how an edgy wedding dress or pops of scarlet red could add to your wedding's personality.

If you picked mostly e's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Beyoncé. A maid of honor is a female version of a hustler. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) Queen Bey is your ideal MOH because you're a fierce, independent woman who also knows how to stick to her roots. Borrow your mom's wedding dress (or have her design you a new one, like Mrs. Carter's mom did!) or serve your favorite childhood meal at your reception. It'll show guests how you became the ***flawless lady that you are.

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