Quiz Alert! What Should Be Your Wedding-Budget Splurge?

Wedding budget splurges

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When mapping out your wedding budget, it's hard to pick how you want to spend your money: Do you want a custom-made designer wedding dress that'll be a total style statement? Or are you a unabashed foodie that wants to treat yourself (and your guests and future hubby!) to gourmet food and an over-the-top wedding cake? There are also couples who want to invest in a well-known photographer to ensure they'll have wedding-day memories that last forever, while others just want to celebrate in a drop-dead gorgeous venue in some cool location. Other major factor to consider? Music and flowers. Some brides and grooms choose to drop serious cash on a surprise singer or show-stopping DJ, but others think the high-price tag that comes along with special ordering pretty pink peonies out of season is well worth it.

With so many options, it's hard to choose exactly what you should splurge on. To help you figure out what would be worth it to you and your groom, we devised a quiz that will help direct you to your true wedding priority. Answer these five simple questions to find out if you should reserve the majority of your wedding budget for music, venue, photography, the wedding dress, food, or flowers.

If you had to choose, who's your favorite celebrity?
a. Justin Timberlake
b. Kristen Bell
c. Blake Lively
d. Aaron Paul
e. Kate Middleton
f. Kate Moss

What is your can't-forget-item to pack for the honeymoon?
a. Doesn't matter, as long as you're staying in a luxury resort
b. Your collection of statement necklaces, earrings, and cocktail rings
c. An empty stomach!
d. A well-curated vacation playlist ready to go on your iPhone
e. Cute outfits for every day and night
f. A DSLR camera

What's your ideal date night?
a. A night spent scouting out your neighborhood's newest hot spot
b. A cozy night in your perfectly-appointed home
c. A tasting menu at a five-star restaurant
d. Any concert
e. A black-tie event like the opera
f. An exhibit at a museum or art gallery

Your fiancé would describe you as...
a. Adventurous
b. Detail-oriented
c. Generous
d. Outgoing
e. Fashionable
f. Artistic

What is your signature drink?
a. Imported beer
b. Bellini
c. Cabernet
d. Tequila shot
e. Vodka soda
f. Mojito

The Results:
If you picked mostly a's: You should splurge on your venue. Start scouting Italian villas, waterfront resorts, and luxurious hotels, because you're someone who values high-end amenities and exotic vacations. Justin Timberlake, your favorite celeb, married Jessica Biel in a lavish wedding in southern Italy in 2012, and this kind of all-inclusive destination getaway is just the type of celebration you should emulate.

If you picked mostly b's: You should splurge on your flowers. You've been domestic since childhood, and value details like perfectly-matched accessories and, of course, lush florals. Kristen Bell famously wed Dax Shepard in a spontaneous City Hall ceremony in October, which means the little things, like the perfect bouquet, made all the difference. Whether you have a big wedding or something smaller like Bell and Shepard's, having gorgeous, pricey flowers will take it to the next level.

If you picked mostly c's: You should splurge on your food. Wedding food can get a bad rap, but yours never will! Like Blake Lively, you either love to cook or dine out at fine restaurants (or both!) with the perfect glass of red wine. In life, you have no problem shelling out extra money for a well-known chef, so do the same by choosing a wedding reception a restaurant that will put your food and wedding cake front and center.

If you picked mostly d's: You should splurge on your music. Hello, party girl! You're a live-music fiend that always has an ear out for the newest tunes. Aaron Paul's May 2013 wedding to Lauren Parsekian should be your guide to getting married to the sounds of love: He had all of his guests sing "Beauty" by The Shivers to his beautiful bride as a surprise, and indie band Foster the People sang at the reception. The tunes at your soiree will guarantee that guests dance the night away!

If you picked mostly e's: You should splurge on your dress. You're always one step ahead of the trends, and take fashion very seriously. So, obviously, your wedding day is no exception. Make like Kate Middleton and have all of your guests lust over your gown long after the day is over.

If you picked mostly f's: You should splurge on your photography. If a picture says a thousand words, then a wedding photo must say a million! You have an eye for the arts and likely have a ton of Instagram followers. Whether you're drinking picture-perfect cocktails like mojitos, or checking out the latest art exhibit, you know you'll want to have stunning images from your big day. Just look at Kate Moss, who enlisted Mario Testino (yes, the Mario Testino) to snap all shot for her 2011 wedding to Jamie Hince.

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