4 Healthy Eating Changes Every Bride Can Make Before the Wedding

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You want to be your best self (inside and out!) for your wedding, right? Of course you do! And nutrition plays a key role in how we feel and look. Here are four hot-off-the-press nutrition fixes you can make for a healthier body and mind before your wedding day.

Eat more eggs. Surprising advice, right? But eggs are getting the thumbs up from health experts who say that not only are they a great (and affordable) source of lean protein, but they also may be loaded with health benefits we hadn't considered before. Take the new study from researchers at Tufts University: They found that eggs are chock-full of two antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are known to radically improve memory and brain function (every stressed-out bride could use a dose of that, right?).

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Curb your meat and cheese consumption. Yes, you need your protein, but consider other sources (see above!). Here's why: the more meat and cheese you eat, say researchers in California, the higher your overall cancer risk (four times higher, in fact). Eek! Vegan pizza anyone? Or, better yet: Have fish, which was recently linked to boosting good cholesterol levels in the body.

Say yes to dark chocolate: The latest research from scientists in the Netherlands finds that dark chocolate (rich in antioxidants) is too good to pass up when it comes to heart health. Bonus: Other studies have shown that chocolate can give you a measurable mood boost. Just keep it to one or two small squares (2 ounces tops) a day, say nutritionists.

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Cut your sugar intake in half: After combing through years of research on the negative health impacts of sugar (for starters: diabetes, weight gain, dental issues, acne), the World Health Organization recently issued a new recommendation for the world: attempt to cut your sugar intake in half, and better yet, see if you can reduce the added sugar you consume in a day to a mere six teaspoons. Tough, but worth trying for!

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