Can You Guess the Happiest Time of the Day?

The Happiest Time of the Day

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In any given 24 hour period, when are you at your very happiest? According to the latest research, the precise time of day when people tend to be at their cheeriest may surprise you.

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Researchers from Cornell University analyzed data from a half a billion users on Twitter and found that, apparently, we're happiest right around ... breakfast time! The experts combed through Twitter posts looking for how often people used the words 'fantastic', 'incredible', 'hilarious' and other words that expressed happiness as opposed to language that denoted anger, sadness, or other negative emotions. And, as it turns out, as a global population we seem to be more positive around the time of the morning meal. Not surprisingly, researchers think the mood boost has to do with our being refreshed by the previous night's shut-eye, as well as our body's natural rhythms.

Sounds to us like a good reason to get up a little earlier and tackle a few of your less-pleasant wedding planning to-dos! Cutting down your list of wedding guests won't seem so bad with a croissant and a latte in hand.

And if you're not a morning person? Here are five ways to make your mornings as happy as, well, it seems everyone else's mornings are!

*Having morning sex with your husband. (Don't be shy! Here's why it's so good for both of you!)

*Drink coffee. It's loaded with health benefits, so have a second cup!

*Turn up the music while getting ready for work. Music stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain, say experts, so it can only maximize your good mood.

*Focus on the present. You can't control whether the bus or train will be late (or how your boss will react, as a result). But you can control your emotions.

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Sadly, say the researchers, after breakfast, it's tough for many people to keep their happiness levels high. (Maybe because we're stuck in traffic on the way to work?) But here's an interesting catch (and hope): There's a spike in happiness that happens again in the evening, around dinnertime, or slightly after (cue the wine?). So if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed—or the wedding photographer called with bad news—there's still hope!

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