4 Things No One Warns You About Wedding Planning Stress (And How to Deal With It!)

Wedding Planning Pitfalls

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Wedding planning sometimes follows Murphy's Law: What can go wrong, will go wrong. And whether you're just getting started in the process or nearing your big day, take heart in knowing that almost every bride and groom will face these four constants:

1. Even the most easygoing can become emotional. Even if your mom is normally a statue of calm, and your sister the epitome of serene, expect them to become a bit emotional during the wedding planning process—it's just normal. Weddings bring out big emotions in the most calm and collected among us. So, no, your family isn't unique, and the fact that your mom has gone through three tissue boxes since last month over the wedding plans, isn't unusual. How to deal: Just remember that it's likely those who love you just want your day to be perfect, and all the planning and decision-making can get under their skin too.

2. There will be wardrobe drama. Whether it's with the bridesmaid dresses that your maid-of-honor confesses that she despises, the groomsmen's tuxes that are tailored wrong, a flower girl dress that gets lost pre-wedding, or, heaven-forbid, your wedding dress that isn't fitting right in the bodice—take heart, it happens ... to everyone. How to deal: Breathe in, breathe out. And call in some reinforcements. Attire drama is best left to a trusted friend or family member to work out the kinks about. In other words, don't get too entwined (it will only stress you out more). Ask the bridesmaid who is the calmest and most skilled at problem-solving to tackle any wardrobe drama that may crop up. She can tell you when it's handled.

3. At least one family member will show her/his true colors. Ask anyone you know this question: Was there one family member who created drama for you at or around your wedding? And the answer is almost always yes. It could be the uncle who refused to attend the ceremony because his ex-wife was going to be there; or the cousin who invited a date who wore jeans and proceeded to get drunk on too many of your signature cocktails and break dance at the reception. How to deal: Know that it's inevitable that true colors are going to come out, and no matter how crazy and surprising those colors are, don't let them overshadow your day. It's just not worth thinking back to your wedding and remembering the drama instead of the love.

4. A vendor will disappoint. Prepare yourself, not for a colossal fail, but for, perhaps, a minor to medium disappointment. It just happens. This could mean your wedding cake just didn't turn out exactly the way it looked in the picture you showed at the bakery; or your bridal bouquet ended up having more more roses than peonies (and whats with the baby's breath in the centerpiece at the altar?!); or the DJ keeps playing Shania Twain. How to deal: There will be a lot of things that will fail to be perfect, but that's OK. Vendor disappointments are best handled with an eye roll and a shrug, especially on the day of the wedding. Happy brides know to let minor hiccups go.

Sarah Jio

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