Attention Busy Brides: Beware the 5 Biggest Time Wasters

Time-Saving Tips for Brides

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You have a lot on your plate (the understatement of the century, right), so during this crazy journey to the alter, beware of some of the biggest time wasters that can be causing you to loose sleep (hello, dark under eye circles) and blow your budget.

1. Hitting the snooze button: We all have done it, and let's face it, getting an extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning can seem downright luxurious when you have a busy day ahead, but most time management experts will say that the snooze button is the first thing to go when you're trying to maximize your day. In fact, that extra 10 minute in bed could likely turn into a wasted forty-five minutes waiting in an even longer line at the post office (because you weren't there when the doors opened) or blowing an extra five bucks on a peak-hour train.

2. Your phone: Can you remember a time before cell phones? Well, before smart phones? For most of us, it's just a fuzzy concept. And while no one's suggesting that you kill your iPhone, learning to stop checking it obsessively is also one of the smartest time-saving moves you'll make this year. Instead, resolve to dedicate a certain slot of time to Pinning wedding cake toppers or try muting all notifications during the day (aside from phone calls) and see how much you get done on your wedding to-do list.

3. A beauty routine that demands perfection: We all have that friend who gets her nails done weekly, her hair highlighted every six weeks, and perhaps a litany of other beauty appointments. And while she may look great, she wastes a lot of time in the process. A smarter plan: Focus on the pre-wedding beauty checklist items that will have the biggest impact on your big-day look. What you lose in the perfection department, you'll save in time (and money).

4. Not being decisive: Yes you want to hire the perfect florist, but waffling and remaining on the fence and taking meetings with every florist in your city isn't the answer either. The most efficient brides know that while there may always be a great (or even better) option elsewhere, you have to ultimately trust your gut, make a decision and move forward.

5. Repeating information: Of course you want to include your sister-in-law, your mother, your best friends, and every special person in your life, in the details of your wedding, but repeating everything to everyone via phone or in person can be exhausting and a huge time suck. Efficient brides make use of wedding planning web sites (or even create their own) to keep family and friends updated on all the fun and logistical details. It's a win-win: they'll be in the know, and you won't have to repeat yourself 403 times.

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