Love in the Time of Facebook: New Social Media Rules for Relationships

Relationship Rules for Facebook

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From tweets and status updates to selfies and vine videos, social media can make relationships ... interesting to say the least. Want to know what's taboo and what's not? Here's a good list of guidelines for being in love and on Facebook:

1. Don't fight publicly. Fighting is bad enough in private, but please, don't pull back the curtain and share the details of your squabble with your husband with all 608 of your Facebook friends. That means no veiled messages in posts or passive aggressive comments. Just don't do it!

2. Don't kiss and tell. Say your fiancé took you out on an amazing romantic date last night, and you snapped a selfie of the two of you making out at the table. Trust us, no one wants to see evidence of your lip-locking. A tasteful photo of the two of you at dinner? Cute! But PDA of any kind on social media just doesn't get a "like" from us.

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3. Don't flaunt. Maybe he gave you that bracelet from Tiffany for your birthday, or surprised you with a romantic Caribbean cruise for Valentine's Day. Thank him properly, of course, but don't flaunt it on Facebook. As tempted as you are to tell the world how amazing your fiancé is, it could be perceived as bragging--and it might actually make him feel uncomfortable.

4. Don't over-analyze. It's late on Friday night, and you've had a few glasses of wine with your girlfriends when you discover that your fiancé is still "friends" with his ex on Facebook. Don't let it get under your skin. Most people don't keep a close eye on their friend list or put much thought into friending and un-friending. In other words, this is no biggie.

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5. Don't change your relationship status unless you both do. Even if you've both talked about being exclusive, even if he proposed and you accepted, it's generally considered good social network etiquette to change your relationship status together (as in, on the same day ... or better yet, the same hour!). If you're declaring to the world (i.e., your friend list) that the two of you are engaged, make sure he's ready to do the same. Being in-sync via social media is just as important as being in-step in real life.

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