It's Not Just Your Fiancé: Guys Are More Forgetful

Men Are More Forgetful

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Does it sometimes seem like your fiance isn't listening to you? You tell him something, and a moment later, it's evaporated into the atmosphere. What, you wanted me to narrow down the list of songs for the DJ? And, Wait, it was our anniversary yesterday? But go easy on your forgetful man. As it turns out, he may not be able to help it.

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A recent study conducted by researchers in Norway and published in the journal BMC Psychology polled more than 48,000 men who admitted that forgetfulness was a constant struggle in their lives.

While the researchers weren't able to find a reason for the absent-mindedness, they note that it's interesting that men are quick to admit to it. (Hey, at least he knows it, right?). They also found that guys who were anxious, depressed or less educated judged themselves to be more forgetful.

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So if your fiance's space cadet ways are driving you bonkers, consider these sneaky ways to help him remember the important things:

1. Repetition: If your guy is forgetful, you can pretty much consider it a fact that the first time you tell him, he won't retain it. So, repeat! If there's an important wedding-planning appointment you need him to put on his calendar, tell him in the morning over breakfast, then send him an email later that day. Follow up in the evening to make sure he blocked his calendar. Most men will appreciate the gentle reminders.

2. Alliteration: If he can't remember your Aunt Frieda's name to save his life (and she'll be offended if he spaces it in the receiving line), help him by linking words together. Is she funny? Then call her Funny Frieda. It'll stick in his head.

3. Exercise: While the subject of memory is complicated, researchers and brain experts know one thing is true: Exercise can improve memory. So if your guy is going through a forgetful patch, get him to the gym, stat! (If nothing else, he'll be in great shape by the wedding day!)

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