4 Ways to De-stress Your Relationship

Secrets of Low Stress Couples

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If you feel that the stress meter is sky-high in your relationship right now, take heart: Wedding planning can meddle with even the happiest couples. The secret is knowing how to keep the stress in perspective—and take it down a notch. Here's how:

1. Laugh! Sure, it's the last thing you feel like doing when your future mother-in-law keeps adding to the guest list and you and your fiance can't agree on a first-dance song. But the happiest couples make a commitment to humor and fun and fall back on it in hard times. So make a point to find some humor in even the stressful parts of wedding planning—and if that's not happening, take a break and watch a funny movie together.

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2. Go to bed together. Obviously, sex is hugely important for intimacy and the long-term health of your relationship, but even more, the happiest, most drama-free couples have another secret, say relationship experts: They go to bed at the same time each night. Try it tonight: Stop pinning wedding favor ideas and hit the hay when your guy does!

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3. Hit the "reset" button. So he forgot your anniversary. Grrrr. It's tempting to hold a grudge (and we agree, this is borderline grudge-worthy), but low-stress couples acknowledge hurt, forgive, and move on. It's this "press the reset button" mentality that keeps them smiling in the long run.

4. Unplug. A recent study conducted by OKCupid.com found that people who were highly active on social media (namely Twitter) were more likely to have shorter relationships than less media-savvy folks. We're all for Instagramming and tweeting, but we're just sayin' .... that's interesting. And a good reminder that it's important to actually talk to your partner as much as possible, not just text him.

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