Four Ways to Get to Know Your Fiancé Even Better

How to Get to Know Your Fiance Better

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You might feel like you know everything there is to know about your fiancé, and that he knows everything about you. But relationship experts say the key to never reaching a place of stagnancy and complacency is to constantly learn about each other the way you did when you first began dating. Here are four questions that will help you dig deeper:

1. What's your earliest memory? You'll love hearing about your husband-to-be as a boy, and he'll love the chance to delve into the past in your presence. Taking this journey back in time together will bring you closer and reveal things about him that you will likely find adorable (who knew his first memory was the lullaby his mom used to sing him... aww!).

2. The house is burning down. What three things do you grab? This is a fun question to ask, because it will show his spontaneity and quick-thinking, and also how he values his material possessions. Of course, you'll love it if your framed engagement photo is on the top of his list, right?

3. Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to quit, but didn't? With this question, you'll get to see him dig deep into a difficult time in his life, and the story may surprise you. He'll love sharing his moment of perseverance with you (and then you can tell him about your own hurdle-jumping story).

4. What do you usually think about at night before falling asleep? The mind is so active right before sleep, especially just before we slip into a dream-like state, and often we tend to concentrate on the same topics and themes. You might be surprised to learn that your fiancé plans out his entire day right before slumber, or maybe he reviews the day's flubs and thinks about how he can improve. Whatever he thinks about before bedtime, you'll love getting a peek into his pre-sleep mind.

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