Three Surprising Ways to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life (Even With Wedding Stress!)

How to Get More Sleep

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Low on energy? Brides, you need quality sleep now more than ever, and if you're tossing and turning or staying up too late due to wedding stress, here are some surprising ways to get more shut-eye:

1. Choose Superfoods for Sleep: Just as caffeine can wire you up, certain foods can help you feel more ... calm. If you're feeling restless at night, consider reaching for a sleep-friendly bedtime snack like a bowl of cottage cheese with banana slices. This tasty snack serves up a perfect blend of snooze-inducing tryptophan and protein to make you feel calm and satiated.

2. Wine Down Earlier: If a glass of wine is part of your nightly routine, we're not judging (hey, we like a nice pinot noir too). But, the latest sleep research suggests that as much as a glass of wine can make you feel momentarily calmer, it may interrupt the latter half of your sleep cycle (i.e., you may find yourself restless at 3 a.m.). Better idea? Enjoy your glass of wine with dinner, and cut yourself off from there for a night of deeper, more sustained sleep.

3. Invest in a Heavy Blanket: If you tend to toss and turn and wake up with the sheets tangled and blankets on the floor, this one's for you: A study presented at a recent meeting of the American Occupational Therapy Association found that people who slept with a heavy, weighted blanket had improved quality of sleep. Believe it or not, certain bedding companies make and sell weighted blankets (yes, blankets with weight in them). You can find them online, or simply turn down the thermostat in your bedroom and stack a few extra blankets on the bed and see if it helps you get more zzzs.

Sarah Jio

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