6 Compromises Every New Wife Should Make (Yes, Really!)

Compromises Happy Couples Make

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Have you had your first fight yet? Or your second or your third? If you're still figuring out what results in a simple skirmish and what leads to an all-out battle, consider the compromises wives in happy relationships often make. Before you draw a line in the sand, read on.

1. He forgot to take out the trash, again. Yes, it's annoying that you've taken out the trash four days in a row. And yes, you hate to nag when he really should be pitching in on household chores thankyouverymuch, but the truth is this: His forgetfulness about housekeeping isn't a sign of an unhealthy marriage. Don't escalate this to World War III, just tell him (again) how happy it would make you if he helped out a little more.

2. He works late, a lot. If he loves his career and he works late often, you might find yourself feeling a tad resentful (especially if you're home by 5:00 every night and imagined a marriage where the two of you sat down to an early dinner each night!). Instead of blowing up, try to accept that your husband's drive to achieve is part of why you fell in love with him. And consider pushing back your dinner hour a little bit—after all, in many parts of Europe it's chic to dine late at night!

3. He has a favorite spot on the couch, and he's not budging. Men (and women) can get territorial about their comfort spot in the living room, especially when it's in perfect viewing proximity to the big-screen TV. Take our advice: This one's not worth the fight. Men are creatures of routine, and if he's staked out his spot, let him have it. You can fight over the remote instead.

4. He refuses to take dancing lessons with you. Maybe your best friend and her husband learned to salsa dance last fall, and you dream of doing the same, but your husband has zero interest. Instead of making it a big deal, remember that dancing is one of many areas where people have trouble breaking out of comfort zones. He'll show he loves you in other ways, but if it's not on the dance floor, be cool with that.

5. He has zero interest in becoming a vegetarian. You may have been blown away by the research in the documentary Forks Over Knives but if he's not ready to give up his meat-eating ways, it's best not to force it. Yes, it would be so convenient if the two of you were in sync nutritionally, but don't hold his love of steak over his head.

6. He has opposite interior design style as you. He thinks the mantel in the living room is the place for his collection of sports memorabilia, and you, well, don't. It's rare that couples' style preferences are completely in line, so don't feel alone if you find yourself bickering over decor in your new home together. And try (really try) to compromise on style decisions. In other words, the mantel is not worthy of a knock-down-drag-out fight!

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